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IntoxaLock RED

IntoxaLock RED
August 17, 2011 02:06PM
I'm in need of expert information with regards to the IntoxaLock. I'd like to fully understand the process of how the device works, how things are recorded and reported. I haven't needed to know things in this depth of detail because I have not had any issues with the device. I have had the device for nearly one year without a single violation or lockout until recently. I am not a liar. I am trying to get through this debacle as quickly and smoothly as possible. I've had this dreadful thing for many months so I became familiar with the "quiet" time I had between rolling retests when I could sip my coffee or take a bite before it prompted me to blow but this time it caught me off guard and I blew a RED because I was eating while driving. (Let us all skip past how important it is NOT to multi-task while driving. Thank you.). In the 20 minutes preceding the failed test I had several consecutive Starts/Stops/Retests that were all GREEN (I was running errands). Once the device said FAILED, I IMMEDIATELY called the company who was waiting on the phone with me for me to pull over but I was in such heavy traffic that I had to hang up until I could get pulled off safely and then I called them back as they walked me through shutting my car down and then restarting which was a GREEN start and they said they would verify that I was completely sober on the phone. There wasn’t much more information they were able to share as far as what the heck is going to happen now! I asked if RED could be an inconclusive reading or if it strictly means a positive alcohol reading to which they said the latter is the case. Moreover, I’ve read many frightening posts that speak of inaccurate positive readings and I know that these companies and law enforcement alike deal with a lot of liars but I am swearing that I did not consume any alcohol!! Ordinarily I do not become paranoid over things I am not guilty of; this thing scares the crap out of me. I am 100% certain I didn't have alcohol. Please help!! With no other violations, will this one honest error revoke my probation? I am in the state of Pennsylvania.

Thank you kindly in advance for any and all words of wisdom.
Re: IntoxaLock RED
August 18, 2011 06:03AM
I had a false failure a week or so ago. I called them and told them what happened and setup an appointment to take it in. It was from the toothpaste I used in the morning. I guess I didn't rinse enough. I retested a few minutes later and passed. He told me it wouldn't count against me because I wasn't driving. However, he also told me to rinse with water prior to blowing and don't eat anything prior to driving. He told me that Mt. Dew, heartburn, and certain foods would register a false failure. It almost sounds like side effects from some of the drug commercials on TV.
Re: IntoxaLock RED
August 18, 2011 07:00AM
Steelman, thanks for responding! Basically, I just got a speeding ticket for not speeding. I NEVER CONSUMED ALCOHOL so I can’t believe this would count however; probation is a factor in my situation. I am guilty of nothing so I have nothing to worry about. The woman stayed on the phone as I retested GREEN and she said she wrote in my file that I was certainly sober; do these two records of the account (phone call/notes) get submitted with the report or is it only the report? Regardless, the omittance of information will not allow for an accurate illustration of the chain of events. Did you receive notification from PennDOT? I’m petrified to even LOOK at the bugger in my front seat for fear it will think I’m looking at it cross-eyed!

Is it over yet???
Re: IntoxaLock RED
August 25, 2011 01:02PM
I think the best thing to do when this happens is go to a police station or hospital and have yourself tested and certified for blood alcohol content. Its a major pain in the butt, by law they have to report all major infractions to the state. If your having continued problems with false postives, you may want to switch companies.
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