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Re: I'm on probation and i blew a fail!

I'm on probation and i blew a fail!
January 04, 2012 11:28AM
I have a Lifesaver FC100. I just came back to Maryland from a road trip to Florida with a buddy. Court allowed me to go to Florida to see my mother and i spent a couple days at the beach. He also had family there so it worked out. Anyways i get back to Maryland. My buddy stops at my house and we both eat, i take a shower, grab clothes, brush my teeth/mouthwash and he then drops me off at my car close by so i can meet up with my girl. I get in my car and it comes back abort. then i wait, i blow and it comes back fail! Im freaking out and i know what it will ask me one more time, i dont have water on me, my friend is long gone and the inevitable, i blow again and fail! I immediately hail a cab and go back home, call the number to interlock and they are closed. A few hours later i went back in a cab to my car and blew and i passed...
I just got on probation 28 days ago in MD. What is going to happen and should i tell my probation officer? Since it's so soon in my probation, should i see if he will find out? Or should i wait until my monthly check up at the interlock place to get advice? I've had it in my car 8 months prior to court/the beginning of probation. I know better not to use mouthwash or drink the night before but i was in a hurry and i kinda thought since i ate and it would be 10/15 min before i would get to my car that it would be ok.
Re: I'm on probation and i blew a fail!
January 04, 2012 09:50PM
I did my own research when I had my interlock (smartstart 20/20) and I bought a very good personal breathalyzer to use and tested myself with mouthwash. I would assume it depends on the kind of mouthwash and the amount of alcohol in it though. I believe the one i used was 12%. I would rinse and then wait 5 mins and test it and then every few mins after. It would usually take about 9-12 mins to fully dissipate and blow a 0.00 If I rinsed with mouthwash and then a few mins later I swigged water it was 0.00 right away.
I had one false positive with my interlock and it was due to mouthwash. I was camping with my girl and I made sure to bring non-alcoholic mouthwash but one night I used the wrong one due to similar labels in the dark. I freaked out. After the fail I waited 12 mins( I didint know how long at the time but I asked the guy who did my reporting) and then I blew a 0.00 I never received anything from the state asking questions. I think in some cases they are looking for some sort of pattern and since I never drove if I had drank ANYTHING within 8 hours they let it slide due to the 0.00 reading I had shortly after the fail. I know you are now wondering why this story is so long lol. The point of my story is that while I can surely empathize with you about your interlock. How far away was your vehicle that your friend dropped you off at? I would have thought the alcohol would have dissipated from your mouth by then? I mean, it is not like your car was parked outside the house you were in and then you tried to start it right away. Plus, you had the interlock for 8 months and you did not think to wait the appropriate time to start the car? It seems like the standard wait time for eating/drinking before a test is 15-20 mins and swig with water. How did you get by all the other months if you used mouthwash?

On a side note, I would call the probation officer, if it is a condition of your probation for whatever it is you are on probation for, and talk to him about it. I sure do know he has heard worse.

Good luck to you
Re: I'm on probation and i blew a fail!
January 05, 2012 02:29PM
Thx for the reply. My car was a few long blocks down the street by the metro so i couldnt find any water to swig/swallow. My apparatus will beep in 3 min after the 1st fail so i couldnt make a dash for my house or a gas station with the keys in the ignition. Its a 20 min walk or 4-5 min drive. Well i called the breathalyzer place and they said that as of right now, the way my account is set up, the MVA doesn't report it to my P.O. Perhaps let this be lessoned learned and i will never take minty alcohol mouthwash again before driving whether i just ate or not. I guess i'll comment back when i see my P.O. in the 1st week of February. (i hope)
Re: I'm on probation and i blew a fail!
January 11, 2012 09:27PM
I have a 3000 in my car for my first offense, and every since the last calibration it has been giving various readings. I called the mechanic that installed it and I told him that I was at a gas station and it failed me. He ask me if I was driving when it failed me and I said no, and that I read the booklet and I retested right away and it passed me so I started the car and was driving to work. He said not to worry as long as I wasn't driving. I read the booklet some more and it said to just let them know of any issues on the next calibration. So every day it was giving various readings, and those readings were below a fail so I wasn't to worried because I knew I was not drinking anything since I got the DUI, but tonight I left work got in my car and it registered like .010 so I didn't pay it no attention. Then before I got on the freeway it registered .030 and read pass. I was un nerved about that being right at some limit so on the first exit I got off and turned off the car. I pressed the test button to retest thinking that would clear it out but it registered .047 fail red light! I cleared it again and it was .023 green light but then I pressed the test button again and it went up to .057 now I am scared not understanding what is happening so I keep retesting hitting the test button entering my code and it went up to .075! I retested after that at .023 and the light was green so I started the car and decided to drive for 10 minutes and then to pull over and retest so it wouldn't give some weird reading while I was driving. Then it was reading .05 .04 .03, and it finally went down to .021 again so I started the car and drove 10 more minutes and pulled off the freeway into a restaurant parking lot. I turned off the car and pressed the test button it read .000 so I said to my self that maybe it was okay so I started the car and took off, and it ask me for a test while driving and nervously I blew and it was .031 I pulled to the side of the freeway immediately turned off the car and pressed the test button and it read .011 so I started the car and took off, but now I am in a panic I am driving on the freeway thinking I need to get to a police station to have them check on this machine and that I would go to the mechanic tomorrow to have him check it happens..the alarm comes on for me to test and I blow it reads .075 FAIL! I immediately pull over and turn on my hazard lights turn the car off on the side of the freeway and press test. The lockout lights come on with a number 5 then it wants me to blow so I blow and it reads .011! So I start the car and take off on the freeway. I am freaking out about now so when I get to Palmdale it ask for another test and blows .000 ! Now I drive to the police station tonight and I tell the front desk what has happened and if they could come out and check the device. They said they don't know how it works but that the officer in charge in the back said to call the 800 number. So I called the 800 number and told them that their device was malfunctioning. They said that they could not get a hold of the technician but that he would call me back. I left them my phone number, and plan to go directly to the guys that put the thing in my car in the morning. I feel I am being terrorized by this device. I don't know what to do now so I am here online to find out what to do. I read about calling a probation officer? I don't know who my probation officer is!? I did call the manufacturing 800 number and I did go to the sheriff station. Now I will go to my car and look through all the court paperwork to see if I can find a probation officer number or instructions of what to do in this case. The machines are for a pilot program well I can tell you that they do not work correctly. I can not believe a judge authorized these devices to be used in cars when they have this kind of problem. I have had the device since October and in the first two months it registered only .000 every day but after that last calibration it came to life and started giving what ever reading it wanted. I did call them previously to this incident about it giving a high reading but like I said their paperwork says to wait until the next calibration to notify them, and in my case that idea of theirs doesn't seem to be the one to follow at this point. I think that if you take it in for calibration and it starts giving various readings like mine is that you should take it right back not wait until the next calibration because sooner or later it will give a set of numbers that are not even close to reality. Am I scared? well yeah I am, but I know I didn't do anything to cause this problem. I just want to know what to do now?
Re: I'm on probation and i blew a fail!
January 12, 2012 06:34AM
Your post is a huge mess. I just skimmed through it. Just give the details..... What state you are in, What device do you have(make and model), etc.....

If you do not know who your probation officer is then you probably don't have one. If you had the device on since october you would have had to do something with a PO since then I would think.
Re: I'm on probation and i blew a fail!
January 14, 2012 12:15AM
This is a follow up; I called the device maker and set an appointment the next morning with the installer / calibrator of the installed interlock device. I showed the technician the device, and what it was doing. First of all I noted that when it ask for me to put in the code it lets me put it in..then the E for me to enter comes on but when I push E it doesn't go to the next step it just gets brighter! Then it clears the entries and ask me again to enter the code! The technician was watching it happen. Then I said when it finally does go into the next step the countdown sequence varies up and down not just down but it will go down then up then down then up then down and sometimes it will not count at all. Then also when I push the keypad it will not come on unless I press the test button. Then also it has given various readings since the last calibration, but prior to that calibration event there was nothing but zeros when I blew but now no matter what it registers a reading! I actually had called earlier in the month to the technician to let them know of a fail at a gas station prior to me starting the car but directly after that fail I pressed the test button and it reads zeros. I let them know it was giving various readings. Then I found out in the booklet to just keep notes on what the device is doing and to just notify them on the next calibration. Well anyways, that thing flipped out and started recording readings off the chart then back to zero then off the chart then back to zero. As noted in my previous notes I was somewhat un nerved about what was occurring. Anyways, the technician took the device out of my car and tested and evaluated it, and found out that the keypad was not working and the digital display was giving him various readings. He noted it in the system, and changed my interlock device with another one. I also had to make an explanation to the manufacture so that can trouble shoot the device. At first the device was working with all zeros but after that when I took it in for calibration it started having various readings up to the lock out issue. It is important to know that if that happens to press the test button immediately to show that you are not actually drinking anything. I pressed the test button and it went to zero right afterwards so they can tell it was the device not me. Now the new device they put in is giving me zeros. On my statement to them I told them that prior to the calibration I was getting zeros all the time, and only after the calibration it was giving constant false readings. My guess is that the calibrator wasn't wearing any ESD equipment and zapped the board when calibrating it. I can only imagine that people that do not retest with that test button may not know that the device has a history of faulty pcba boards that are subject to getting zapped at the calibration phase which explains what happened in my case. I didn't have mouthwash or anything except eating two french fries, later brushing my teeth thinking it was the fries but it was very clear that it wasn't me but the device because when you retest and get readings that go from zero to .075 then back to zero...its the device..I did pull over and shut the car down until I could figure out what was happening. Once I figured out what was happening I still tried to stop within 10 minutes so that faulty machine wouldn't trigger on the drive but it did. Still the device calibration technician found the problem, and replaced it. They said not to worry it was the device~ I must say it is rather a terror to know you are clean and I mean super clean I have not drank anything since the dui and I quit smoking since then as well..but still again it is quite the terror to have a faulty device that puts out any reading it wants. Just to be clear the devices do fail they are not perfect and they did fail in my case and I thank God that the calibrator was able to find the root cause of the problem. My new breathalyzer is working with all zeros again...I can only imagine how many people have had to go before a court on these faulty machines. Anyways, I am now suffering with heart palpitations front he stress of these events and have two more months to go to get this terror device off my car. I am a first offender and I don't mind having the device when it works but when it doesn't work..I mind it a lot~ Make sure to contact the calibration house quickly so they can figure out what is wrong. Anyways..out~
Re: I'm on probation and i blew a fail!
March 14, 2012 09:06AM
machine is just not accurate and no matter if you give them the details or not they never addmitt that its the machines fault . its dangerous and unreliable and at the end if it doesn;t work right you 've lost you licence again through no fault of your own . sad smiley
Re: I'm on probation and i blew a fail!
January 16, 2012 08:06PM

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