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What Questions Are Asked During DWI Restoration Hearing? NEED TO KNOW QUICK!

What Questions Are Asked During DWI Restoration Hearing? NEED TO KNOW QUICK!
March 07, 2012 12:44AM
My DWI Restoration Hearing is next week and I have been waiting on this moment for 11 years. I have 3 great character witnesses, but I was hoping someone may know some of the questions that are asked to me an my witnesses. Also I drove once 4 years ago and one of my character witnesses saw me, will my witnesses be asked if they have seen me drive in the past without license? Any information would be greatly appreciated, but the more the better. Thanks Charlene64
charline ,yes they mite ask if any one saw you drive but as long as you were seen only once then you mite be ok ,they asked my son if he felt safe with me driving with my grand childern in the car, if you havent drank in some time they can tell just be honest but remember theres always another hearing i believe,as for driving 4 years ago i doubt it would be an issue, i had 2 good friends and my son,
there tough in hearing and can tell when some one is lying so be carefull if i can help more e-mail me i assume your in nc.
Thank you so much for this information. Yes I live in NC, I had several DWI's which turned into a felony, I didnt think I would even get a hearing, the hearing officer here is a woman who seems to be caring more about people's life more so than the last officer people said was very hard to go in front of. One of my witnesses is my brother which is a Chief of Police he knows I ain't the same person I used to be and he was the one that saw me drive that one time and if asked he will not lie for me, as he has told me that already. The other two are my daughter and my aunt. My daughter will be so glad if I get them back because I can help her at times picking up my grandkids at school so she want have to leave work early. She has helped me out so much during these past few years when I needed a ride here and there so hopefully I can do for her in return. Wish me luck and thank you so much, Charlene
I was able to call today to schedule my restoration hearing and I guess the first thing I have to do is a dui interview with the dmv officer? Did you have to do this and if so what should I expect? Thanks, any info would be helpful!
Hi Charline im also in nc ,i had a dwi in 1985 1990 2005 nand 2006 those were convictions i didnt drink for almoat 15 years then because of stupidity and loss of my parents and best friend in less than a year i started drinking again so i had 2 tickets in one year ,after 3 years and many hours of alcohol classes and several thousand dollars of expence i had a hearing i told the truth and was given my license then 3 years of monitec im finely over the 3 years its a privalge i dont take lightly any more,you must be close to gastonia where i am if Mrs Colby does your hearing shes very nice but also very strict,its useless to lie she will know just be truthfull with her as for your witness seeing you drive 4 years ago im not shure he remembers but if you havent drank sense then he mite not make any thing of it if i can help more let me know Dave
when is your hearing
It is Tuesday and I am so nervous thats all I have thought of all week at work. I hope I say the right things I get nervous when I am around people I am not used to being around especially people such as a hearing officer. Wish me luck UncleDave, I will let you know how it goes, Charlene
Good luck,i wish you well it is scarry but remember just tell the truth do you go to aa i did and told her i did and if i think i need a drink i call my sponser but havent felt the desire for several years . drop me a line let me know how it went she mite tell you that day or make you wait i wish you well dave
Normally the first hearing they deny mutiple Offender's. As far as being nervous dont be... I'ts just not worth the stress Especially when you could have much bigger problems like CANCER, no LEG"S, no HOME, nothing to EAT!. Just remember to put what you are going to do in context with much bigger issues You COULD BE FACING.

Good Luck!
I was given the privilidge to get my license back today, I have to wait on Raleigh to send me my final paperwork within the next few weeks. I just wanted to tell everyone that NC is getting a new machine and we will not have to deal with Monetech anymore. The hearing officer said it will be April 1st she doesnt know who the company will be but it will not be Monetech and the machine will be better. God Bless everyone, Charlene
congradulations on getting your license how long do you have to have your machine?
Smart is the company that is coming to N.C but read some post here about them before you make a decision none of the companies are that good
was your interview very stressfull what did she ask Dave
I have to have it for 5 years, The hearing wasnt as bad as I thought, I was nervous and I told her I was, after she made her decision to grant me my license back she and I had a great conversation not recorded, about all I had been through during the years and how I can help others by telling my story. I would really like to speak with other woman and teens in hopes of leading them in the right direction when faced with situations as I had been through, since I am getting my license I am considering going back to school to hopefully become an alcohol substance abuse counselor. That will take a lot of work and study but once accomplished I know I can set an example for others, and hopefully help someone else by thinking of others instead of myself as I had done in my past during my uncontrollable drinking days. Stay in touch, Charlene
thats a long time but it will pass i had mine for 3 years, i had several dwi"s in the past im 64yrs old and after lots of years drinking i gave it up fimely havent drank in 6 years now,cost too much and hangovers got terrable
i feel beter today then when i was in my 40's i hope your ok and happy to be driving, best of luck ifyou need any thing just ask ive been thru it Dave
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