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Re: Interlock Device Test Fail

Interlock Device Test Fail
July 02, 2012 09:12PM
Hello, I live in CT and I have the Drager interlock device for one year and I am on probation and I had my first test fail after waking up in the morning trying to go to work after having a few drinks the night before. I obviously did not five myself enough hours to get the alcohol out of my system. However my interlock device does not tell me my BAC so I panicked because I've never failed before and thought I was doing something wrong and tried it again, failed again. I was locked out for the initial 15 min. period and at that point I knew I was going to be late for work and went back in the house to shower and ate and drank water and used the same mouth piece and failed once again. The interlock told me there would be a service lockout in 3 days. I notified the company and they told me to come to get it serviced. Once the information was pulled off the guy told me that I failed an initial high BAC then 2 more fails after which I knew already but still didn't know what my BAC was. The guy told me the information goes directly to my probation officer? Is this true or does that information go to the DMV then they notify probation? I notified my probation officer that I had failed a test immediately and wanted to speak with him and explain. What should be my concerns? Is there anything I can do to explain myself? Should I call a lawyer? Does the information go right to probation and if so will they automatically violate me? Please give me any information you have I would greatly appreciate it. Thank You
Re: Interlock Device Test Fail
July 03, 2012 10:12AM
Welcome to the forums.

Getting multiple fails in a row is a bad sign. Shows that you would have driven while drunk, in the govt's eyes. And since you went to the service call and the unit was more likely then not functioning properly then you can probably expect more repercussions. Typically they would extend your interlock period or can even revoke the interlock privilege from you and not allow you to even drive for the duration. Depends on how forgiving your PO is, i reckon.

Is there anything you can do to explain yourself? I highly doubt anything but the truth. They hear so many stories but in reality you have to look at the evidence against you. The device was functioning properly, or else the service person would have said so, and you had multiple high fails in a row with time in between. Hard to explain that away as a contaminant.

My suggestion to you is that if you can not stop yourself from drinking before you blow than you should get yourself a personal breathalyzer to test yourself before you use your car. But if you do the math for your BAC you should be fine mostly. Just play it safe and if you have to wonder if you are going to fail then dont even blow.

Read the forums. There are plenty of information here about a wide variety of situations.
Re: Interlock Device Test Fail
July 03, 2012 08:12PM
Bliddy Boh

This goes for everyone as well...Please read

Thank you very much for your information. I greatly appreciate it. Do you think I made the right choice by notifying my probation officer right away? Without him finding out the information later through the DMV? Have you heard of anyone having a violation of their probation on their first failed test? I know CT is cracking down on their DUI offenses hard and I am worried. Will I go in front of a Judge if there is a hearing or is it a DMV case hearing? I have nothing but the truth to tell my probation officer but I'm scared of him not trusting me or a judge not trusting me and violate my probation. I have done everything up to this point to comply with my probation. I have been to every drug & alcohol class they have told me to go to and I already started my community service hours. Please give me any more information you can I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks again
Re: Interlock Device Test Fail
February 25, 2013 08:45AM
what happenned with this ? No one is clear on this. The registrar gets notified in lockout or violation, if it goes that far.

you get a letter from the rmv for violation, probably not lockouts, unless there are too many.
Re: Interlock Device Test Fail
July 05, 2012 07:08AM

It depends on your PO and also depends if they would have gotten the info on your violation.
He/She might think that you are being very honest and upfront and give you extra credit or they may not.

Best course of action would be to speak to a lawyer if you have one.
Otherwise just wait it out. I know it's not very easy but just go with the flow and see what happens.

Also just make sure you don't get any more violations. Use a personal breathalyser.

Btw does your probabtion state zero tolerence ie are you required to totally abstain from alcohol and drugs?

Re: Interlock Device Test Fail
February 12, 2013 02:45PM
well, i don't think you can get another lockout in the same service period.

Or like massachusetts you won't be driving for a decade.

I think you'll be okay because it is only once.

In MA you can't have 2 lockouts in one period, automatic license suspension ( 10 years ).
Re: Interlock Device Test Fail
February 14, 2013 07:19PM
25.10 Ignition Interlock Violations (IID Violations) – An Ignition Interlock Violation consists of any of the following:

(a) Any evidence of operating a motor vehicle without an Ignition Interlock Device;

(b) Soliciting or allowing any other person to blow into an Ignition Interlock Device, or to start an IID-equipped vehicle for the purpose of providing the person so restricted with an operable motor vehicle;

(c) Using any means other than blowing a breath directly from the operator’s mouth into the device, in order to supply an air sample to the device;


(d) An attempt to Tamper with or Circumvent the IID;

(e) A Failed Rolling Re-test in which the operator’s BAC registered at or above .05;

(f) Two Failed Rolling Re-tests within one Service Period in which the operator’s BAC registered between .02 and .05;

(g) Two Lockouts due to Missed Rolling Re-tests;

(h) Two missed Service Visits.
Re: Interlock Device Test Fail
February 25, 2013 09:02AM
what happened with this dblock ? Anything ?
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