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August 23, 2009 10:45PM
Question here.....Jan 05 2009 early morning got some gas and donuts and I just got done eating the donut and the rolling test went off and I blew into it and it read .026 and the horn and lights went off,so I freaked out and rinsed my mouth out and within 30 seconds later it told me to blow again and I did,it registered to a .016, after I blew in it and I had to get it serviced in the 5 days.....which I did get it serviced

Is this a violation? Im still driving since this episode and I explained to the interlock company what happened the day it happened.I currently have a restricted license and it up for review in Dec 2009......can they revoke my license,suspend it for this? If anyone has any input on this toppic,please respond.....thanks

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August 31, 2009 07:41AM
What state are you in?
September 18, 2009 09:10AM
I agree with all that the rolling tests are crazy. It seems like it is constant.
I have the Smart Start, and have not experienced the troubles that others on this board have. It is a pain, but is seems to work most the time. The main trouble stops are when the truck is being started for the first time in the day. Sometimes it will fail MANY times before it gets a good sample.
With tax and a $5 insurance it comes to $81 per month. I am in WA State.
October 02, 2009 07:40AM
I just got the smartstart installed on my vehicle. I'm terrified of it. I used it once to get home from the installer day before yesterday and haven't driven since. I have a personal breathalyzer that I'll be using to pretest and on the nights I know I'll have a few drinks I have a plan B so that I don't have to drive at all the next day.

Heres my concern: The installer said that if I don't drive it (every month I have to take it to him for a download of info) then I'll look like I'm driving another vehicle and "cheating". But I hardly drive to begin with (hate it and it's scary now that I got my first ever slightest degree DUI--I'm paranoid whenever I see a cop or get into heavy traffic because if I get a moving violation I get my license taken away for 3 months).

I use public transportation because I work at a university and our president has asked employees not to drive because there isn't enough parking and we are trying to go "green" on campus. He gives us a free bus pass so that we don't drive. I only drive to my yoga sessions and to the store anyway; both are about 4 miles from my house (smaller city). So I use the bus or ride my bike a lot. The way I figure it I can go almost anywhere I need to without having to take a rolling retest (when I drove home from the installer I didn't get asked to take a rolling retest till I pulled into my garage). The installer told me it would ask every 15-30 minutes for one.

My question is, if I drive very little can I get in trouble? That's like saying you are guilty until proven innocent and also how can I get in trouble when the DMV doesn't know what my driving habits were before I got this thing? I checked our revised statutes for my state and don't see any law on the books for minimum mileage when you have an IID. I live in Arizona.

Anyway, any advice or thoughts? I'm so scared my stomach is in knots and I can't believe I've been branded with this scarlet letter. This is my first ever offense--ever. I'm not a repeat offender or do I have a previous record. I'm in my 40s. I'm so glad I found this site because I feel like the biggest loser ever because I got this one DUI. I stay at home now, don't interact with my community and can't get by the shame and humiliation of this.
November 22, 2009 04:46PM

On its website, Smart Start claims "Alcohol specific; no false positives." However, we all know that this is not true. There are numerous problems with ignition interlock devices. In my law practice, I have seen numerous cases of false positive alcohol readings which were triggered by either contamination or malfunction. Interlock devices are not breathalyzers and they were never intended to be used as evidential breath test devices. Interlock program administrators afford IID readings far too much credibility. However, not regularly driving an interlock equipped vehicle may raise the eyebrow of the agency which administers the interlock program in your state.

Smart Start reports driving data to interlock program administrators and it will state whether the vehicle usage falls within a "normal driving pattern." If it looks like the vehicle is not being driven enough, you may be accused of driving another non-interlock equipped car. In such circumstances, the Registry of Motor Vehicles in Massachusetts might deny removal of the device and require the IID user to serve more time with the interlock. I recommend that you write a letter to the state agency which administers the program and explain your driving situation. Taking this proactive step may prevent future problems. You should also review your state's interlock regulations. Best of luck and remember, you are not alone. Thousands of drivers across the country struggle with the interlock device on a daily basis.

Attorney Brian E. Simoneau
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March 02, 2010 09:39AM
thank you for being takes people like you to fight these b*stards..!..these laws from MADD are illegal too..!..the equipment is junk too..!...we need to fight this company and have everyone of them jailed for ruining the lives of decent americans,because of their deceit..!..

i don't know how they keep sneaking these laws in,but something is real wrong here...and they are now using tax money for funding..!...they need to be held accountable..!

thank you
November 14, 2011 04:43AM
With all these people having problems with these devices . It clearly shows the device is causing serious problems and they the company needs to be sued . You should get all these folks together and take these companies to the cleaners . My girlfriend doesn't drink I watched her the other day blow in this thing and have it fail over and over . Her car gets locked in some dangerous neighborhood which could have resulted into her having been raped .
Sue this company please how do we do it .
Enough of this country turning everyone into criminals . It's time to tear down the wall .
May 19, 2014 12:23AM
I so agree!! It is past time. Maybe we should sue the ATF they allow the alcohol to be sold??
June 21, 2014 07:52AM
This past friday i left work at 2 pm, i had a container of gas in my trunk, the fumes were really bad,so i even stepped out of my car to blow in my ignition interlock device, only to fail the test and get a lockout.Of course im on probation for a 2010 dui,so now i have to worry about what is going to happen.Also another time i got a warning while i was driving for eating a cheeseburger and a half from mcdonalds.I feel like this equipment is going to cause me more headache than its worth,I guess ill find out how crooked the justice system is going to be,i do have proof that i clocked out of work at 2 pm and got locked out at 205 pm.I defenately am going to fight it.
December 24, 2013 11:18AM
the ignition lock program is a absolute scam and a major ripoff i don"t have the time to write what i went through in albany ny 21/2 years agomy case was just cleared this past dec 2013 .thats right 3 drinks 21/2 years.i telling you now something has to be done about this device.if any of get pulled over
tell your lawyer and the court i 'am not putting this device in my car if enough people do this some body is boun to the message.
February 01, 2013 01:26PM
Hey There
I feel the same way. I'm a Realtor, and have to put my career on the back burner for a year! Just got this POS installed yesterday. It scares the crap out of me. Im so afraid to go anywhere now due to its difficulty. I'm afraid that I will crash into a car when that alarm sounds and I have to provide a rolling test. Its so loud! Im totally freaked out to not have it function properly. Believe me, I am not drinking when I drive, but it is still unsettling. I'm a nervous wreck.
I feel I may as well be under house arrest. This is unbelievable for 1st time offenders. There are so many out there that do the same thing day in and day out, never get caught. This should be required and installed in repeat offenders.
I have a Draeger XT, and they totally screwed up car. My Navigator system is all messed up. I have a 2012 Nissan Maxima, it took 2 attempts to install, 11 hrs, two different dealerships. Curious if my car will function properly after removal. Who pays for those mistakes? This is going to be a long long New Year.
February 02, 2013 08:09AM
As time goes on you will begin to feel more comfortable with the device. It is normal to be nervous with it at first.
But also remember that you put yourself in this position. Your career is on the backburner for a year due to your actions. Take this time to learn from it and come back even stronger.
September 02, 2013 07:31PM
Either you work for the system or have a "perfect" interlock system, if there is one.
September 03, 2013 07:43AM
Please do not make accusations of me working for the system. A very simple search of my post history would show that I had a device and had to go through the same steps as most people. I had no issues with my device partly due to researching which one to get beforehand. I did get lucky and get a great installer. Quality of install goes a long way.
September 18, 2013 09:44AM
These things are suck a pain in the ASS I am having mine removed!
October 13, 2009 01:28PM
Bread, donuts and other food in dentures etc, cause false positives!!!!!!!
November 22, 2009 04:59PM
Here are a few other causes of false positives: flavored coffee, a cinnamon bun, protein bars, sugarless gun (containing sorbitol), mouthwash, toothpaste, cough syrup, cough drops, hand sanitizer (contains 67% alcohol), anti-freeze (contains glycol), windshield washer fluid (it contains alcohol to prevent it from freezing, it gets sucked into the passenger compartment by the defroster, the driver unknowingly inhales the vapors and breathes into the IID.)

I also had a case where an interlock user had a slowly leaking can of fix-a-flat under his seat. The driver would inhale the fix-a-flat fumes and take rolling re-tests, which falsely showed alcohol. Like many other interlock users, he passed the initial start tests but failed rolling re-tests

These are just a few examples of the many chemicals and substances which will trigger false positive alcohol readings.

Attorney Brian E. Simoneau
550 Cochituate Road, Suite 25
Framingham, MA 01701
508-302-0212 (fax)
May 01, 2013 02:09PM
jkrazi Wrote:
> Bread, donuts and other food in dentures etc,
> cause false positives!!!!!!!

False positive means a positive reading when there is no alcohol present. A fail after having bread or donuts or products that contain ethyl alcohol are not FALSE. You have to understand that bread and donuts have yeast in them. Products that contain yeast and have heat added to them creates sugar alcohol. Convenience store pizza can create the same effect. To avoid getting a TRUE POSITIVE reading you must just rinse your mouth with water before you take the test. All manufacturers provide instructions to do such on their contracts. It is a common misconception that this is a false positive and it is not.
October 19, 2009 08:06AM
i have had lifesaver for 7 months and had my first failed reading and lock-out, my interlock company said that it was a false positive and to wait a few minutes , i missed my app. , so i decided to not go anywhere and later drove to pick up my daughter from work, i was fine , is this considered a violation, i also rinsed with listerine and i think that is what caused my lockout
October 27, 2009 04:37PM
Sounds like a error in the system and if you told the technician when it was serviced they should have addressed it then.
October 28, 2009 06:23PM
I have had my smart start for about three weeks now and everything was going fine. I drive about 300 miles a day.
I am 150 miles from home and it just stopped working no display or anything been waiting on tech for bout four hours
he said he would bring a new unit out and that should fix the problem. In the mean time I lost $400 of work. Asked who
reimburse me my loss he tried to tell me it was probably me vehicles fault. I have a 2008 one ton dually havnt had any
problems until this was installed. Should I pay for his trip and hotel stay I think not. I also have to get a room and try and
recoop from today's loss. Thinking of having it removed and taking my chances can't afford to take to many losses like this
every month.
Breakdown of ignition interlock
November 23, 2009 09:02AM
Ack. Not even two months into this torture and problems. My IID simply s topped working on my way home from yoga last week. It's been harder and harder to start in the a.m. during the past 3-4 weeks and asks me to test about every 7". During my first calibration I complained. The tech said he got a bad batch and to come in and he'd replace it. When I called to make an appt 3 weeks ago he didn't have replacement equipment. I decided to just tough it out and get it all replaced when I went in again for my monthly download.

Last wednesday I left my yoga practice. It asked me to test to start the car. I did, it aborted, again and again. After about the 4th try, it started and passed me. Then it asked me to test twice in 5 miles. I passed the first, it asked for a second, and wouldn't read the test. Kept asking to blow and then began to countdown, which caused me to sweat and scream: I was blowing as usual, and it wasn't picking up the read. It wasn't saying abort, it wasn't beeping, it wasn't doing anything!!!!

I finally got home and shut off the car. The car won't start because it won't read anything--not a pass, nothing. I called the 800 folks; they were no help at all. I called the local tech the next day and he said to unhook the head unit and bring it in for an exchange. Hopefully the new one will start the car and I can come in for a down load and exchange the whole thing since the only he installed originally sucks.

In the meantime, I was w/o a car for two days no fault of my own since the tech admitted he installed a faulty device originally. Not my fault I tried to come in and get it replaced and he didn't have any replacement equipment. I was out of state for four days and this morning I checked the battery to see if I had lights, knowing that the new battery installed on my honda last year should be good. No lights, no battery. Now I have to get a ride to trade in the head unit, connect a new one, jump the car, drive the car to the tech, get a download and a complete reinstall of the whole thing.

I have NO VIOLATIONS on this thing and am not going to get any. It's my big FU to the state of Arizona for making me do this at all: not all of us need them. I told the tech I had a perfect record and wanted to keep it that way. He said if it was an equipment failure, I should be okay and he'd note it in my file.

I'm frustrated, sick, tired. Tired of being hypervigilant about starting my car and using a handheld pretest--it takes 5-7" to get through my routine. I just read the post where if you are thought not to be driving enough you are guilty and not proved innocent of driving another vehicle. I drive about 300 miles a month because I live in a small town and live only 4 miles from work and the store. And of course I am driving less and getting all errands done quickly and effiecently because I hate to drive now.

Thoughts? My IID is a smartstart, I thought they were one of the best out of a bad lot.
May 09, 2010 05:20PM
@ stuckinalexandria...

Yes, I had the same problem where the device just shut off on me. Was dropped from college courses because this happened the first day, and some were classes that only come around once a year. So this incident put me behind a whole FU***** year. I eventually quit when I saw how stuck I got. I also missed work and after that the device that got installed takes so long that one day I almost got robbed and I was not able to do anything because my car has to wait about 45 seconds until the "pass" prompt shows up. I was also blamed for the happenings. And so was my vehicle which I never had a problem with before. And now the problems are happening again and there isn't even a person to talk to like their "24/7 service talk to a real person" ad on their website.

But we have to stand up against this company and scam. I had one DUI for my 22 birthday. I drink about 4 times a year. Yes, four times a year, and when I say drink I mean half a beer most of the time. I really can't even finish one. So I messed up once for my birthday and now am looked down on and belittled by this company.

We have to stand up to it.
December 07, 2009 11:53AM
i have had 2 false positives in first month. false positive happened afyter successful start. rolling retest gave me a -.02 without intervening food or drink. so they lie about no false positives. Can this be challenged?
December 07, 2009 01:40PM
LWells, when you ask "can this be challenged," do you mean at an ignition interlock violation hearing or with Smart Start?

June 29, 2014 05:50AM
Yes, there are a few things that will give a false positive.
A false positive meaning, ethyl alcohol is not present, like in mouthwash, handwash etc...

If you have asthma, forget about using your inhaler... especially if its ALBUTEROL, you will blow over the legal limit.

If you have dentures or caps, and use CUSHION GRIP (reliner), or REPAIR-IT (denture repair kit)... You will fail horribly.

Cushion Grip will register a .40 after use and will gradually go down. Usually you can drive within a few hours.
Repair It will register a .40 after use and will register a .02 THREE DAYS LATER!!!! So dont plan on driving for a couple of days.

Also Diabetic or anyone on a low carb diet....make sure you dont go into ketoacidosis (where your body is burning ketones)...that can give a false positive also.

Oh and by the way, dont let the battery in your car die, because that counts as a violation.
It also counts as a violation when the unit completely and obviously malfunctions.
(Mine initially started fine...then registered me at a .07 five min later, then on the rolling retest 5 minutes after a registers me at a .02, then 10 min later, at .05 then at a .01...the whole system went haywire at 6am on my way to work)

When I called "LifeSafer" to tell them this was an obvious malfunction because its physically impossible for out bodies to process alcohol like that (it either goes up or down, and although it can rise quickly, the average body only rids alcohol at a rate of .015 per hour) she agreed and said that it was a very obvious malfunction.

You can fight it, and I will but of course that cost $150 for a hearing.
December 09, 2009 07:26AM
I'm just wondering who out there pre-tests with a handheld breathalyzer before starting your car? I do, and so far am able to rinse my mouth out when my hand held shows .02 or more, then re-test on it a few minutes later and watch it go to .00. It's helped me keep from getting violations, so far. I had to pay $70 for it but so far it's well worth it.

Here's a link to a recent story about SmartStart in Arizona and a complaint about w/h information to AZ MVD, thereby keeping those who need to appeal their violations from doing so in a timely manner and ultimately causing them to have to have their IIDs on longer. The customer said he had it show a false positive eating a doughnut, a piece of pizza or drinking a Starbucks; knowing that, I'm vowing simply not to eat anything yeasty or really sweet till I've completed my 12 month period if I plan on driving in the next 24 hours. It's worth it. Anyway here's the link to the story.

January 31, 2010 12:25AM

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February 09, 2010 08:04PM
Just got the Smart Start installed on my truck this morning and got royally screwed by the technician, first two blows in the thing I got a violation! Then the tech asks if I've had anything to drink? It's 9am and of course I have'nt I replied. I told him I had 2 beers lastnight!
So, what, I have to completely stop drinking because of this thing? Anyways, just curious what type of breathalyzer you found. I just started looking around and found em in all price ranges and not sure which one to grab. Thanks
January 18, 2010 09:22AM
After being struck by a drunk driver, who then ran and had to be chased down. I can't say I feel much pity for peoples trouble with these devices. I agree they should be more accurate if they are going to impact you. But really, next time you should just get a cab, instead of drive drunk. I use a personal breathalyzer to make sure I can't get a violation before driving after any drinking.
September 28, 2010 11:27AM
Was the person who struck you a repeat offender? Alcoholic? was it raining? I mean, no one is asking for pity but the trend seems to show that those involved in incidents like that are repeat offenders, or had issues. I'm all about safety and such, but I'm what about all those other people struck and involved in accidents by others: those who were texting, teens, elderly (florida), talking on phone, etc. If you were hit by one of those as well, not to sound harsh, but what should be the resolve for those as well. ? Would you feel no pity for those? However, I understand where your coming from but there is something fundamentally wrong and its getting out of hand. Because those who are more likely to hit innocent drivers, probably aren't following the law to begin with. just saying.
July 24, 2012 05:26PM
You sound like someone who has never, ever, done anything wrong while driving. Let's just use you as an example of the way all citizens should be, the perfect person, like you! You would never use a law as a way to get revenge or payback. It's not right to drink and drive. It's not right to do anything while driving that distracts from your control of the vehicle and I'm sure you have always been in control. Now, lets see if we can just pass more laws to not treat a human like a human and maybe find another way to get them trained to not break any laws. Let's just humiliate, destroy there lives, beat them down and maybe pass stiffer laws. How about more ways to punish. Ah,ha, hanging! That should do it. You sound like you have just been so wronged and you should be a judge. What I think, let's face it, you have broken many driving laws, you just haven't been cought and are lucky something didn't happen when you did.the finger smiley.
July 24, 2012 08:43PM
in some states you don't have to drive to get a dui
January 18, 2010 05:42PM

How do you feel about people who run red lights? My daughter got hit by a reckless driver running a red light. She was injured and her car was totalled. The driver didn't spend one day in jail, nor did they get their license revoked for three months, nor did they get a big brother device on their car for a year to keep them from endangering other people when they chose to run a light rather than make the right choice and think of others on the road. My DUI--one--first and last one--was a victimless crime, yet I'm now ostracized by my community for seven years or more, if I can't come up with the $$$ to expunge my dui from the record. Do you see some hypocrisy here? How many times do you talk on your cell phone and drive? Research proves that talking on a cell phone carries the same risk to other drivers as driving while .08 (legally drunk in most states). Proslytizing on this site is probably a waste of your time.
September 28, 2010 11:56AM
Great post...I concur whole-heartedly!
November 26, 2011 03:30PM
If a person goes out and drive drunk n has to have a interlock put on there car for something they did wrong thats ok you have pay for your crime, all im sayn is for these companys that makes the interlocks is to make sure they are working right. my son had one put on his truck on10/13/2011 and by the time we got home he turn it off to go back out later on and it would not start it lock up and by it being close to closen time for them they told us to bring it in now remember it woild not start so he told us to take the battery cable lose to reset it n that work until the next day when he took it n they replace it and got it home and by the time he got to his job of couse it would not start it lock up on the week end when the company was close but they did have the phones forward to there house and told us to wait until monday.( wow) now we have go to court cause the judge wants to revoke his community supervision
September 07, 2013 03:28AM
Stacey, BK, Riv and others,

I've asked. My insurance adjuster says sure there's accidents without alcohol, but it's the ones involving alcohol that have the serious injuries. He's concluded that drunk drivers tend not to swerve or brake, so the hits are much more serious.

My PT acquantaince recently happened to mention that the bad injuries always seem to be from drunk driving accidents. She commented that the people who come to PT from an accident 10-15 years ago and are in pain now again, it's always a drunk driving accident. I asked if they'd done PT to begin with - yes, they have.

Texting is very distracting. Beyond that, the majority of other stuff just doesn't come to the level of devastation that drunk driving does to people's lives and families. Both are choices that are controllable.

It's not a victimless crime. It's a waving a loaded gun in a crowd, waiting for it to go off. Also, while you were driving, how many people had to swerve or worry or drive less safely themselves as they were distracted by how you were driving.

Mistakes happen. And this one is a pain to deal with. But reading through this site and the amount of excuses used... these IDs make a difference at getting a good number of people to start making different choices.... who wouldn't otherwise.

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March 11, 2010 02:08PM
All I can find anywhere is how the companies and the states refuse to admit that these are "MECHANICAL DEVICES" and that even if a 1 in 10,000 or more chance they can't flat out malfunction.... After all they are electronic devices if things didn’t malfunction companies wouldn’t release “NEW AND IMROVED” and we would not have the words or fraises like “REPAIR or FOR TECHNICAL SUPPORT PRESS _” in our vocabulary. By not reflecting documentation that false readings by a unit can be a flat out malfunction of said unit and always only due to operator error, not only do the states but the companies providing the units stand to make A HUGE FINANCIAL GAIN....

My husband has had a BAIID in his car since Oct.2009 and up until Feb. 5th 2010 had never has a "False Positive BAC". Not only did the new unit in his car give "FALSE BAC's" it provided a DATA DOWNLOAD LOG that did not reflect the same readings he was provided. After calling and calling and calling Consumer Safety Technology that something was wrong with unit while also explaining to them that had car looked at and that made a doctor’s appointment for my husband, they agreed to send out a new unit. (Of course that also was done after I explained that I would be calling EVERY SINGLE TIME A FALSE READING IS GIVEN and hope they like my voice as they would be hearing it A LOT) The new unit arrived Feb. 12, 2010 and NOT ONE FALSE BAC SINCE!!!!

However they sent the Log to the state we were told without even testing the unit as there was no need 'NOTHING WRONG WITH UNIT, IT DETECTED ALCOHOL AND NOTHING ELSE WE HAVE NOT AND WILL NOT BE TESTING IT AND HE WILL HAVE TO EXPLAIN TO THE STATE THE READING'S AS HE IS REPONSIBLE FOR ALL POSITIVE BAC READINGS." the same type of crap we heard while trying to get it replaced..

Only after not dropping the subject did they test the unit....and even though they have cleared him of the BAC's over .050 which the state looks at AND found CORROSION on the UNITS LEADS they claim unit working properly and that all the other readings are legit as well as the readings over the .050 level, though those readings were not consistent with use of alcohol which is why they cleared it with them with the state.
Now after the company has changed its story a few times back and forth as to the finding or none finding of corrosion they now claim a small amount but that "THE CORROSION IF ANYTHING WOULD HAVE PRODUCED A DIMINISHED BAC NOT AN EVEVATED BAC."

Yet we aren't only talking about the BAC level anymore as that same unit provided a readout BAC level's, we didn't even know, higher than the reading unit provided him while testing for the same date and time until the state violation letter arrived. Also they claim that the data log the unit provided them showed that on Friday Feb.5th a little after 8:00pm he started the car with a BAC of .000 and had a rolling test fail of .012 at around 8:15 or so and that BAC of .012 during the rolling test resulted in an "Immediate shut down of vehicle at 8:23pm with no restart until next day" This also is flat out not true.........We live approximately 8 miles from the public recreational center my family was swimming at that night and though we left between 8:15 and 8:20 he started the car with the .012 and had a rolling test of .000 on the way home... And being that home is about 8 miles or so from that recreational center not under any circumstances would it had been possible for us to get home in 5 or 8 minutes. Yet even more evidence that the unit was "FLAT OUT MALFUNCITONING NOT ONLY WITH THE BAC LEVELS BUT ALSO WITH THE DATA LOGGING AS WELL. Making us believe that the unit has more things wrong than the "small amount of corrosion on two leads" After all corrosion is is caused by water or extreme humidity and those same things can cause a multidude of electric issues in anything mechanical.. Hense -- cell phones for instance everyone somewhere knows someone that has had one start working acting up - doing funny things -- or flat out stop working... To find out when either taken to their provider or sending it in found not covered because the little hidden white dot is now pink so your fault since proof it got wet! Well its the same darn thing only we don't have the PINK DOT TO PROVE IT"

Why is it that we as consumers the only ones that have to provide any kind of “WRITTEN DOCUMENTATION” when it comes to responding to Interlock Violations? Yet even when confirming verbally “CORROSION FOUND THAT CAUSED UNIT TO PROVIDE MISSLEADING BAC READINGS” they not only REFUSE BUT HAVE NO INCENTIVE TO PROVIDE SUCH WRITTEN DOCUMENTION BACK?
March 11, 2010 04:11PM
I was recently given a notice of suspension for forgetting about using mouthwash befor I blew (1 year) added on to the 2 years of interlock only suspension I already have for refusal. I requested one of their unconstitutional DMV hearings and luckily the hearing officer was intelligent enough to realize that when I told her that mouthwash set it off, and that it went from a .025 to .00 in about two minutes, that I was telling the truth. Whew! I have a brand new Harley I am paying for and cannot ride for another 16 months, if my license had been suspended another year, I might have had to pull a Joe Stack on the DMV office! LOL
April 26, 2010 03:14PM
I took my car to the dealership in February for service before my warranty expired and they left the car in idle and recorded a violation for me. It's now four days away from May and I'm still waiting on my hearing date. After 8 months of success on my part, last night I earned a second violation for leaving the car in idle while filling up on gas and using the restroom. My family was sleeping in the car, but my spouse stepped out because the gas was overflowing. When I got back inside, the alarm was going off and my two year old daughter was crying frantically. I had just bought a brand new motorcycle prior to my DUI, and I can't even ride it--for what looks like now--the next 2+ years!
April 26, 2010 03:20PM
I took my car to the dealership in February for service before my warranty expired and they left the car in idle and recorded a violation for me. It's now four days away from May and I'm still waiting on my hearing date. After 8 months of success on my part, last night I earned a second violation for leaving the car in idle while filling up on gas and using the restroom. My family was sleeping in the car, but my spouse stepped out because the gas was overflowing. When I got back inside, the alarm was going off and my two year old daughter was crying frantically. I had just bought a brand new motorcycle prior to my DUI, and I can't even ride it--for what looks like now--the next 2+ years!
March 12, 2010 04:49PM
I had the same situation and wondering the same thing, if ANYONE has had any good or Bad hearing storeis on this same subject please give us some details...

Here is my issue:

Dec 20th, I leave my house (no alchol in months) its Sunday, my movie starts at 3:15. So im headed down the road, half way there, only 5 miles away I pull into a Gas station, I have an old 1971 Toyota Landcruiser, I open the door and grab the glass cleaner to clean my windows since it was snowing a few days ago. At this point my car is still running with the doors open, not thinking about the Gas fumes probably filling my car up, So the Interlock starts going off (Monitech Interlock Systems- In North Carolina) so I blow, and get a warning light, it resets a minute later, and I blow again, so now Im locked out for 30 I close all my doors and sit...
At this point its now 2:53pm, Im now going to be late for my movie, I call the Interlock company for service, thinking there is something wrong with my machine and I will be stuck. I had to leave my number for a return call, I guess its a pager system for weekends. Now my 30 minutes went by and I get to blow again, and it starts right up. Now that Im on my way I get a phone call from the service guys and I told them that I got back up and running...

Now its a month or 2 later and I get a letter in the mail saying im getting my license suspended for another year, damn, I only had 3 more months to go and I get some BS like this in my mail box...

Here is what I have done so far...
I got the log files from the Interlock Company, shows that first blow was .00 at the house leaving, then .1 at the gas station followed immediatly with a .053....then the 30 minutes later .00 when I head on to the the way I made it to the movies, just missed the begining a bit. smiling smiley

Now I also got my phone logs from the cell phone comany showing the time stamp to them a 3:17pm where I made the call to Monitech, along with my ticket to the movies at 3:38pm, also have a map quest of the route I took

Certainly the hearing officers should see the pattern here right?
March 13, 2010 12:37PM
I hope so Funkeytaste! our situation was a little different in that my husband had at start of car blew .000 with a rolling test of .000 and while still driving with no stops blew a .152 20 minutes after a .000 and then a reset of .127 5 minutes later to a second retest of .012 ..... His unit had also been having many other false readings inwhich he hadn't done anything -- not gas fill up -- not food --- no coffee with cream or milk -- and espeacially NO ALCOHOL. And how the hell would someone go from .000 to a .152 in 20 minutes while driving that would be about 7.25 beers for my husband and then be what unit and state would consider almost nothing within 15 minutes YET the state still sent the Violation Letter.

Since our problem was the unit itself having what was found to be corrosion somewhere within it they cleared him of the violations over .05 but are still claiming that the unit even with the corrosion found was given correct and acurate BAC levels. We can't get them to clear him of all the readings --- he had that malfunctioning unit for one week until I became such a pain in the ARRRRS that they replaced it... NOT ONE FALSE POSITIVE SINCE or before that one unit.

Also I guess when you test the results caculate very quickly this one unit would sometimes take up to 5 minutes to process results and also didn't provide the same BAC levels at time my husband did the test as it did in the log downloaded when returned!!!!!!! The log downloaded had HIGHER BAC LEVELS...... So if my husband ever gets another false positive result he will grab his camera phone and take a quick photo to document the BAC reading on unit.

I'm not sure what state you are in we are in Illinois and Consumer Safety Technology supplies his units.
April 26, 2010 04:18PM
has he gone to court over this yet? or had the hearing...would like to hear the out come...I go to court next month and Im freaked out, went to 3 attorneys and got crazy quotes...just for a damn hearing, I dont that kind of money to give them and I know damn well I should have a good case, the DMV put way to much stock in these interlock systems
April 28, 2010 02:48AM
Yeah sorry I haven't been back with an update--
Consumer Safety Technology cleared my husband of the False Positives provided by what they determined to be caused by CORROSION on internal leads of the Interlock itself!! However even thought they have stated now on the phone more than once to that CORROSION being found they nor the State of Illinois will put that in writing. I had contacted FOX NEWS CHICAGO Investigative Team a while ago and they have since confirmed that they are running the story on not just how these units get false BAC's from simple everyday things people eating or drinking non-alcohol or even how sitting in heavy traffic or breathing while pumping gas can all cause issues. As well as how some of the devices like my husbands are FLAT OUT MALFUNCTIONING!!!!! They were also interested in how according to everything you hear from state governments, BAIID companies, law enforcement, MADD and anyone else that believes in the DAMN things say that 'THEY ONLY DETECT ALCOHOL AND NOTHING ELSE YOUR FAULT YOU ARE DRINKING IF IT GIVES A POSITIVE BAC!" Yet every study or instruction manual for or regarding these units CLEARLY STATE OTHERWISE!

Well the story is tentatively set to air Thursday May 6th, 2010, on the 6pm on MYFOXNEWS CHICAGOnews. Larry Yellen is their Legal Analyst doing the story!

I say we all lobby to have these devices installed in EVERY GOVERMENT OWNED VEHICLE!! It won't take but a few months (if that) for them to say we need these things removed ASAP! Our employee's are getting false readings, they malfunction (among other things) and don't forget how they when they are screwing up how the governments will complain about how these devices are slowing down response time in critical situations and again we need them removed ASAP for public safety!!!!

All the while in the same breath stating how these Interlocks only detect ALCOHOL nothing else and NEVER MALFUNCTION while in the general public vehicles!!!!!!!
April 28, 2010 08:37AM
I live in North Carolina so I probably wont get a chance to see it unless someone post it on Youtube. I contacted my local DMV and they told me not to worry about it, that most of the time these first time fail readings people get a warning, but, this is the lady at the DMV, not a hearing officer, although she did state that this information has been coming from the hearing officers. But, I blew a .053 on a rolling retest, and a .1 on the second blow which was a minute later, that would mean I would have been drunk, then 30 min later I blew 0.0. I dont know what to do, lawyers are asking for $2000 to represent me....for a hearing! I dont know about most of you but I dont have two thousand dollars just laying around for something like this, that is not even alcohol related, hell I dont even drink since I got the damn DUI, why in the hell 9 months with having this interlock in my car would I drink and drive.....and as it seems drink after I started the

Im going to fight this with everything I have, its nuts, we all pay big money to have this damn thing in our car, its a great Idea it it does what it should do..

I will say this though, In Feb I had a newer version installed, the machine talks to me, all I do is put in my code (4 digits) and start the car right up, I dont even have to worry about it warming up. The last interlock took the act of jesus to start the damn car up, from sitting there 20 minutes to sometimes an hour trying to get this damn thing to read correctly, it took 9 months before it read fail on the rolling retest, and Im lucky it was just once, and I know for fact it was the gasoline that was filling up my vehicle that made this rolling retest go off I really cant find any way to prove it, there is no information out there about how gasoline fumes react. With the newer models like I have now it will minimize the chances of reading the fails caused by gasoline but everyone else that has the older versions are going to get the same results I did with no way to defend themselves..

I will post back with what happens with my case as well, people need to be supportive here and explain the things they did so we can figure out a way to justify our case when it happens to others
April 28, 2010 09:34AM
Best of Luck Funckytaste!! I hope you can get a reasonable hearing officer... I will try and get it up on either YouTube or get the link to the MyFoxNews link from there site up here for you. Right now my husband and I are scheduled to be in that report (Blacked out-you can understand) but we haven't been able to get the in person interview time that works for them and us! But I do know that one of the best DUI lawyers in the county that fights this kind of stuff all the time and even went in front of the IL Supreme Court with a case was interviewed for it yesterday. I will be doing whatever it takes to have the states using these to be a little more open to the issues people have with these things!!!! I was someone who thought "THESE ARE GREAT if you got a positive you drank or did something wrong" person---- I still kind of think the thought behind these is good but the problems seem to out way the benefits to the user.. After all if people can't fill their car with gas or sit in traffic because fumes they are breathing can set of a positive BAC they need to be looked at more carefully. I actually found legislation for a state that states that the BAIID devices used there "must be able to difference between actual Alcohol intake and other sources that can cause BAC levels" Had to laugh since after about 300 hours of research there is NOT ONE INTERLOCK unit that can do that. I forgot that just last week while myself, both kids and my husband were driving to my mom’s about 45 minutes into drive and after a start of .000 and 2 rolling tests of .000 he blew a .012!!! Then another .000 before arriving. And nothing was different from the first 3 tests he hadn't done anything other than drive not a sip of anything not a nibble of anything no perfume sprayed or gas fill up just blew .012. These things are just screwy! Again if I ever find anything that can help someone I will get it out here! If you would like here is my email that way we can follow up with what’s going on faster and if I find anything that can help I can get to you faster...

I won't give up on this subject even after out of my husband’s car! If a mom who loses a child to drunk driving can start MADD... By the way MADD makes money on these units, with large donations from manufactures, and pushed them into use while helping hide the problems with them. A wife whose husband could have lost everything because can also find a way to help fight how they work and the "YOUR INSTANTLY GUITLY ATTITUDE THAT COMES WITH HAVING ONE GIVE A POSITIVE BAC LEVEL! I just hope that people watch next week and understand most of us don't think programs like these should go away totally just looked at better while requiring better (if any at this point) regulations on what and how they determine the BAC levels.
November 22, 2010 01:28PM
Just to let you know I am having some success with all of my trials and my vigilence against the seemingly legal extortion from Smart start.I 'm in the process of gathering peoples names and info. who need help. So if you know anyone whos has had this nightmare or currently going though it,just post some contact info. Thanks
February 23, 2013 01:03PM
I live in Illinois, they passed a law that anyone who comes to this state has a right to a drives license, now does that mean it is no longer a privilege, but a basic right? Which means to me that you can't take a persons right away. I got a DUI ten years ago and the state still requires me to have a baiid device, you know what's funny I know someone who went to jail for shooting a person(didnt kill them just injured them) when he got out of jail, it was all over, I got the DUI when I was 22 and still paying for at 32, to me the whole process isn't about right or wrong just about money, I think we're a alcohol bracelet would be more effective than this baiid device, but they state has to make money some way. I would love to help fight against this injustice. People commit far worse crimes and have easier times rebuilding there life than someone who drinks and drives, even though it is only classed as a moving violation, not even a felony, it's only a felony after your third time. I have paid 10,000 dollars just to get my restricted driving permit. I read a article about he state of Illinois saying its expects to have 40,000 people with a baiid device on there car this year but only about 6500 people done this program. That tells me it's using this as a cash cow just like the red light cameras were suppose to be, and that didn't work either. Oh and if you get nailed for a DUI go to jail instead of paying the fine, with the jails being so over crowded you be out in two days, and you don't have to pay the fine, my buddy just did that last month. FYI
June 14, 2010 01:46AM

You know how a person can go from .000 to .15 in 15 mins.? They will say that someone sober blew to get the car started, and that the person driving was under the influence,and hoping to make it home before a rolling test.
May 14, 2010 07:47AM
Did you get the Video Holly? Please share it if you can, thanks again
June 17, 2010 11:28AM
Unfortunately, I think I am going to be joining this group. A few days ago I was pulled over for suspected DUI. I refused the breath test and since I refused one almost exactly 4 years ago I am facing 1 year suspension instead of 120 days! This is just plain wrong folks. When i had my day in court back in 2006 the state dropped all the charges against me due to insufficient evidence....but just because of that I had to see the ALJ and she would not waiver on the 120 day suspension. Nobody could even prove I was behind the wheel in the pouring down rain and they still charged me with all this and took my license.

Fast forward, and now I am in a deep mess again for refusing to submit to the BAC test. Has anyone here had their insurance rates go up while participating in this program as a result of the restriction? Due to the length of suspension I am facing it probably makes sense for me to participate and pay the fees, but I can't afford to pay all these fees and pay crazy high insurance. If my insurance is going to skyrocket I am thinking I might just 'bite the bullet' on the one year suspension, exclude myself from the policy (married), and ride it out until I can get reinstated.

I know I could have made some different decisions here, but for god sakes this is going to ruin my life completely and all I was doing wrong was driving a little too slow!
June 17, 2010 05:30PM
I have had an interlock on my car since Sept. '09. I had to switch from State Farm to Progressive because I am now required to carry an SR22. I raised my deductible from $250-$500 and my insurance went up around $16/month. I paid the one time SR22 filing fee which was around $25 and it just stays on my insurance until I ask for it to be removed. I paid for the 6 months in advance and was worried it would increase once my insurance was to be renewed again but it didn't. I reported the DUI when I first got the insurance quote and when it was renewed it was on my record from the DMV. I pay around $70/month for the IID. There are plenty of insurance companies you can get quotes from online. I lost my license for a year and get it back next month. The interlock sucks to have but it's better than nothing.
July 28, 2010 02:44PM
IT Guy,

How old are you? If you have an otherwise clean driving record, you may be suprised with how little a DUI affects your insurance costs. I am 44 & other than this DUI & a few speeding tickets, this is the only thing I've ever had on my driving record. I did get dropped by my insurance company because they don't do SR22's, but I got it replaced with Progessive for the same price I was paying before. My insurance agent said it had a lot to do with my age. Hope this helps with the gloom. I know how that felt!
July 28, 2010 05:42PM
Mid-thirties. Well, I have had the smart start for a couple of weeks now. Seems to work okay so far...besides the interlock place getting robbed while I was there doing a transfer....everything has been okay....knocking on wood. This aside from the horrible embarrassment of having to blow during rush hour in front of all the cars around you. My last ticket was 7 years ago and I have had 0 point for a while.
July 11, 2014 11:17AM
I have had the Determinator Interlock in my car since March, so roughly 5 months and I've blown a total of 2 positives, in 2 separate monitoring periods. I am from MD and the law states " If there is a fourth monitoring period containing a violation, you will be terminated from the program, and your original suspension or revocation will be imposed."

It said I blew a positive again this morning so I waited 5 minutes, blew again and registered another positive, but then waited another 5 minutes blew again and I was able to start my car. I didn't drink last night so I think it was registering false positives, but I'm worried that I'm going to get a 3rd or even 4th violation since it failed me twice, but the 3rd time I was good. I'm unclear about how the law sees the violation. Does anyone know if its a total of 4 violations and you will be removed from the program? Or is it if you blow at least one positive in 4 separate monitoring periods then you get removed from the program?
June 18, 2010 05:19AM
My attorney is advising me to go an get this installed and participate. I am scared to death that I am going to sign up, participate for several months, somehow get violated, have paid all these fees, and then still have the original suspension imposed. If I drank once every six months that is a lot for me. I very rarely even drink so I am not worried about having a true positive but rather having false positives or a dead battery resulting in a disconnect violation.

Can anyone here shed more light on what the grievance process is if you receive a violation from the MVA? I see very little information online about the boundaries of this program which leads me to believe that the MVA feels these devices are 100% relaible and we all know they are not. If the agency responsible for enforcement/compliance has this false belief, then my opinion we be that almost everyone in the program is destined to fail.

I have a newer vehicle with a special 'infared' key. On top of that, it is a diesel which must be started within several seconds of the glow plug firing (no spark plugs). If it is not then the vehicle will likely not start when the weather turns cold if there is a long delay between the time I turn on the key and when I can actually activate the ignition. Anyone here using this device on a diesel in cold winter weather?

The only other thought I have is to just get an old used car and sell my newer diesel until program participation is completed. I want to keep my license but it would seem to me after reading most of the comments here that this program is setup to fail almost everyone who participates.
August 10, 2010 01:12PM
I'm sure every state is different. I'm in Wyoming. When I had the 6 false positives & the interlock had to be exchanged, I called our dept of transportation. That is who requires we have these devices in WY. Our court system here does not control that part of the penalty. But we also have no choice in the matter of whether or not to have one. I found out the DOT here dosn't even read the reports the interlock company sends to them. So, I would suggest you first find out exactly who it is that is requiring you to have this device & then contact them. Maybe you've already done that.
July 02, 2010 10:40PM
Fox-25 Chicago did a nice story on false positive ignition interlock device readings. It was nice to see that they actually took the time to investigate the issue and produce a decent story. Unfortunately, the media in Massachusetts could care less about the thousands who are suffering with ignition interlock devices which are prone to false positive readings.

Attorney Brian E. Simoneau
550 Cochituate Road, Suite 25
Framingham, MA 01701
508-302-0212 (fax)
July 06, 2010 09:25AM
Yes, these devices cover such a broad band of "alcohol" that they are really mickey mouse. I have an Intoxalock & it sucks as well. I failed 6 rolling retests my 1st 3 weeks & was able to pass all of them within 5 minutes of failing them. I've only drank 3 times since I was arrested & I sure as heck wouldn't try to drink & blow into this stupid thing! Geeez I screwed up & admit I broke the law, but that doesn't mean I'm some kind of idiot hell-bent on drinking & driving. If you call Intoxalock, I swear their operators have a card in front of them that says "The device sensed alcohol". What they don't tell you is darn near every product you use to clean yourself or your vehicle contains alcohol. I had to get a new device after 6 failed retests & of course, it was 3 days before the scheduled recalibration. These things are junk & you just have to look at it like a childish form of punishment. If a judge or politician ever has to have one of these, maybe that will put an end to it. How in the world did Ted Kennedy avoid this?

Has anyone removed the fuse for the horn? I'm just wondering if the stupid device can detect that? If it can't detect the missing fuse, it would be nice to not have the horn go off. I'm just afraid it will record it as tampering & then who knows what - it self destructs or something!

Please advise if anyone has tried this.

Update - after getting my 2nd device (since the first had to be serviced because of 6 failed rolling retests) I haven't had any problems with this one in 2 weeks now. Nothing has changed in my vehicle, so it proves the first one was either a POS or they do this to you on purpose so you have to pay for a new unit before your calibration period is up.
August 12, 2010 10:27PM
This is a great forum. Thanks for having it! I'm in Iowa. I asked for my attorney's presence in order for me to provide any potentially self-incriminating evidence, such as a BAC sample, but the cop said that since I already had one DUI, the second conviction is automatic. While it was not automatic in court, with the DMV it was. In Iowa, simply being accused by a cop of being drunk is all it takes to force you to either prove, by yourself and without any assistance and to the satisfaction of your accuser, that you are not drunk or lose your license. Losing the license for a period of time is not so bad, especially for someone like me who doesn't like driving and typically doesn't drive, but what seems so incredible is that for a person to ever (yes, ever) get a license again, he or she must own and drive a car with an interlock ignition device on it for a full year. I went through a full two year revocation, thinking that then I would get my license back (most people on a 2nd DUI have to go through a 1 year period of no license, and then for the second year, they get a work permit, which requires the interlock contraption and restricts driving to work purposes. I simply went through the second year, since driving with a deadly dangerous contraption that requires rolling tests in the midst of traffic is something I would never willingly do, and I didn't and don't have to drive for work purposes.). However, the only way to get my license back was to buy a car, get the DEADLY DANGEROUS ignition interlock contraption on it, and then get a friend to drive the car with the DEADLY DANGEROUS contraption on it to the DMV, for me to take all the tests, including a driving test, and then to have the DEADLY DANGEROUS contraption on the car for a year. But since the DEADLY DANGEROUS contraption does in fact draw power from the battery, you must drive. I cannot go about my life as usual not driving. After a couple of months, the battery on the old car died, and the company told me that this would stop the clock for the one year requirement, so I just went and bought a new car and decided I had to drive at least once a week.

This has caused so much trouble, because the latest device I got constantly gives abortions. Previous devices seemed to work fine, but the new one (you have to get a new one every two months) ALWAYS gives at least one abortion at start up, and often gives two consecutive abortions when I'm driving, requiring that I turn off the engine and wait for several minutes to start the whole cycle anew. If I pull over and take the test, and keep myself in exactly one position with just exactly one flow of air and one very limited constant vibration on the mouthpiece, the contraption doesn't abort. But if the car is moving at all, which makes the flow of air and vibration on the device vary the slightest bit, it gives me an abortion. When I called again from the street today and told the guy this, he simply said that never happens, that it was my "technique." Anyway, my real problem with this is that, especially with the random tests when you're in the middle of traffic, this is the MOST DEADLY DANGEROUS thing I have ever had to do in my life. I have had a pretty pampered life, I know, but really, it is not only the MOST DEADLY DANGEROUS thing to me, but to EVERY PERSON AROUND THE CAR. I was almost unable to avoid a lady on her cell phone from crashing into me, when she swerved into my lane, because I was so consumed with the DEADLY DANGEROUS device giving abortions and my needing to cut the motor.

Obviously, this is a corrupt arrangement to make citizens give private companies money and to give the government more taxes (the contraption costs $65 a month, plus other charges, and then there is a 7% tax on this that goes to the government). I say, just let me give you the money without you creating THE MOST DEADLY DANGEROUS DRIVING CONDITIONS for me and all those around my car. I'll give the $65 a month, plus other charges, and the tax money, just don't make me drive with the DEADLY DANGEROUS contraption. I would so much rather be tied down in the middle of an LA expressway filled up with speeding drivers legally drunk, who are texting their worst enemies, yelling at kids in the back seat to shut up, and fighting off 90 pound dogs off their laps., than have to drive for a full year with this DEADLY DANGEROUS contraption giving abortions while I am trying to drive through traffic. Of course, I would also rather simply go through a period of time -- such as two years, as I did -- without driving at all, than HAVE TO DRIVE one day with such a DEADLY DANGEROUS contraption tripping me up.

We all know that MADD has sold out to the IID industry. What doesn't seem to be so clear is that the politicians have sold out public safety to the industry. The politicians have created the most DEADLY DANGEROUS conditions for the profit of the owners of the iid industry, and done so, perversely, under the name of "safety." How can we get people to understand that these devices are much more dangerous than genuine drunk or sleepy or texting drivers are and that the only reason people are made to use these DEADLY DANGEROUS contraptions is to enrich the beneficiaries of the iid industry? I also want to know how to start something like a support group (I hate that term, but I'll use it for brevity and clarity here) for people who are forced to use this most DEADLY DANGEROUS device, in order to have a driver's license.

Thanks, again, for this forum. It was good to read the stories of others.
July 07, 2011 06:49AM
I just had to get a ignition interlock installed,the stupid thing goes off while I am driving and it is very distracting,you only have a few minutes to pull over and if you are in traffic it is very dangerous..If I get in a accident because of this someone will definately hear from my attorney!!!!!!
August 10, 2011 08:06PM
What really makes me pissed is: Yes windshield washer fluid will set it off , but nobody told me that, prior to, operating the device. No I have to go to a hearing, take time off work, gather all sorts of paperwork, spend 1200 on a lawyer. What even makes me madder is the hearing is over 3 months past the so called"violation"" date.
September 20, 2011 08:09AM
It's a pyramid scam from the top on down. I wrote my state representative here in Massachusetts with my concerns over the validity and reliability of IIDs and why a SIMPLE colored license plate issued to repeat offenders would be a much more valid way of handling the problem. In the letter, I detailed that with a designated license plate that identifies an offender to authorities that it would then place the burden of proof on the system/police to determine if the offender is violating or not. His response to me was that that would be "entrapment" and that nobody would go for it. REALLY? I seem to think it's a lot better idea than having to pay twice monthly for equipment that is notorious for failure/false positives, costs the consumer(yes, consumer, not offender) money out of pocket to prove the unit it defective and introduces other monetary burdens (ie: lawyers, time lost from work/lost wages, etc) as well as presents safety risks on the roadways because the equipment places drivers into potentially hazardous positions depending on where the units require a sample taken. And most folks I've talked to, being properly informed of the unreliability of the IIDs seem to agree as well. How is it entrapment if a driver makes the conscious decision to identify themselves as a repeat offender and offer the police every opportunity to keep them in check? Simple - because these units DO fail. They know it, and they know exactly what kind of a cash cow it can be for them.

The laws which require OUI offenders to install, maintain, and shoulder the burden of proof were rushed into existence playing on the fear of public safety, and I would love to see the donations given to politicians and groups like MADD by the companies that produce these worthless units, as well as actual statistical numbers showing all the problems and new hazards these units and their requirements possess. Personally, I would not be opposed to having a colored license plate, and I would feel a lot more secure knowing that another human being is being directly involved in the monitoring of my privilege to operate a motor vehicle. The law makers and RMVs know just how much money these faulty units generate and show no concern for keeping the law equal and fair across the board in lieu of generating revenue. Knowing others who have had nothing but problems with them since being installed (one woman sustained damage to her ignition system because of a poorly installed unit was never compensated for her losses, while another who had been sober for six years lost her license for ten years and subsequently had to pay out of pocket for a lawyer to help her regain a "fair" hearing to have the unit proved faulty and the determination reversed). And there is another ball of wax in the entire scheme - the same lawyers who say they openly advocate against the accuracy of these units are still the ones who stand to make money from their flaws because, without them, the system will stomp all over the offender regardless of the machines being faulty or not. In my honest appraisal, anyone on the side of these units being used as a deterrent for drunk driving or provide assistance to those who are forced to use them are all suspect in the continuation of a flawed law and, in my opinion, are happy with the problems these programs present.

I am installing cameras in my car (two, tied to a dvr), and will also have my own hand-held BAC unit, and if the unit I am forced to install results in a false positive or fails in any other way, I will be on the phone to the local police to come out to validate the malfunction. I still bet that none of that will be enough to prove anything to a corrupt public safety system, though, but I still plan on covering my own butt as thoroughly as possible.
October 03, 2011 11:57AM
Update: My show cause was dismissed, for the fact that I have had the unit on longer than the one year. My one year passed without incident, I may driver with a restricted without the unit. Which I am glad, since the longer you keep it on, the more your chances of getting false postives and device malfuctions.
November 08, 2011 11:17AM
So, I just got the lifesafer interlock in my car 5 days ago.Thankfully I only have to have it for a month since I played a back and forth mailing game with the secretary of state to get the BAIID permit, and i've already served 5 months of my actual suspension on my license. The first day I got this device, I ran into the mall for about half an hour. When I came back out, my lights on my car were on and the device was asking for a retest even though the key was not even in the ignition, so I put the key in the ignition, blew once, it said abort, then i blew again and passed and my car started. Is this going to be considered a violation? Also, I agree with everyone about how this thing causes major anxiety. I have had it for 5 days so far and I already despise driving.
November 26, 2011 12:06PM
I am not going to get into all state laws. I had to get a inter lock in Arkansas where I live. I got one DWI in 2006 I was very guilty of. The second in 2009 didn't blow officer said I refused not true but auto DWI so being with not quite 3 years I was a 2year man. I have had very little issue with my inter-lock.. I had so little issue I have keep mine. Get caught driving on suspended and loose your driving privilage for 5 years get caught again 10 I think. Pay for cabs or bus fare for a few years see which is cheaper.
Texarkana TX old friend of mine good family man works hard. Picking up his kid at a ball game backed over a man and child. Killing the man. Wasnt driving 5 mph. Was on the legal limit at time of blood test which was 2 hours later. The cops didnt supect him of drinking and had no idea until mandatory blood test was drawn. It don't take a smart man to knmow he was legally drunk by law when he struck them. Because of lighting where the were would have happened probably. Deal is he was drunk by law. Now he is doing a 7 year stint in Texas department of corrections. I feel his back ground he would do more good educating than doing time. Election year what can you say. I bet he would have wished he had one.
So with all your bull shit whinning be glad your not Charle Hill doing 7 years for not going over a few mile an hour. Be glad all you have is inter lock. Its not as embarrasing as orange jump suit and living with that shit rest of your life. So keep bitching and drinking and driving you might just get see which you rather have time or inter lock.

My name is Jeff Jeffries Cabot ar. email if you feel like a debate.
February 02, 2012 07:58PM
I live in New York, Orange County. Over the summer my wife got a DUI, as a result we got the Lifesafer FC100 -w- camera and GPS installed in both of my vehicles. Lovely device (/sarcasm). The first month she used it, she got a slew of fails and lockouts due to various food and mouthwash related issues. About 4 months after the initial install, the unit began to malfunction massively - it even failed for the tech at the garage where it is serviced. We managed to get the device replaced due to defect after a brief fight with Lifesafer over their steadfast contention that 'these units do not malfunction.' At month 5, the vehicle I drive on a daily basis began to malfunction as well. Getting the head swapped wasn't too big of a deal, but after leaving my office for the evening the same day it was swapped I proceeded to blow .05's into the thing. My mistake? Electronic cigarettes. I had no problems for 5 months straight, then possibly due to the below-freezing temperatures paired with the e-cigg, the devices began to malfunction. At no point during the past 5 months had anyone specifically said 'don't use those.' Of course, if they did that they would be admitting that the things actually DO malfunction. A 2-3 week struggle ensued between me, the installer, and the Interlock company. The company claimed I was doing something to make it malfunction (yes, I want to disable my car on purpose so I will be late to work, miss appointments, force my wife to miss work because I don't get home in time to watch the kids, etc...). After leaving 3+ messages for the local interlock manager that weren't returned, and being forced to unplug the thing and bring it inside each night so I could pass a test the next morning, or have to unplug and reconnect the thing repeatedly so it would warm up enough to work properly - I finally decided to escalate. I went online and got the names and email contact information for the top executives at LifeSafer as well as the top executives of the holding company that owns them - and brought them up to speed on my situation. 2 days later, the entire interlock system was completely replaced with a brand new unit and the manager who fought so hard to keep me from getting it replaced was 'no longer with the company.' I get the need for some sort of interlock device, but when the company, the installer, and even the probation officer claim that these devices do not malfunction EVER, that we are the only people in the STATE having this problem, I have to raise my hand and scream BULL$#@!

The entire thing is a scam. There are more reliable methods of BAC detection, but who knows if they are as profitable for the interlock companies and the government agencies they serve. They don't give a crap about anything other than collecting fines and fees. The state law requiring all vehicles in the household get interlocked is a crock as well. My 2nd vehicle wasn't running, had no plates, registration, or insurance, and we were forced to interlock it. I had wanted to sell it, but now I'm stuck with it for God knows how long now because I couldn't sell it quick enough. Interlock the offenders primary vehicle, and put biometric interlocks in the others. It's simple, scan my thumbprint and the car starts, scan hers - and it won't. Tie it into the GPS and camera even. Yes - drunk driving is a huge problem but the approach of the government and these interlock companies is like trying to kill a fly with a sledgehammer. I'm certain she'll never make the same mistake, but just the same my entire family is suffering financially now not just because she made a mistake but also because their method of enforcement is an absolute joke and borderline unconstitutional (cruel and unusual punishment?!).

I can't tell you how much money I've burned through in covering her legal defense, fines, interlock resets and monitoring fees, ENOUGH! Hopefully this part of the saga will come to an end in the next few months, but until then I'll just keep my fingers crossed - go back to smoking normal cigarettes, and pray that the POS velcroed to my dash doesn't decide to flake out again.
February 13, 2012 11:42AM
I was convicted of a DUI July 9, 2009. in Scottsdale Arizona. ( which happens to be the worst place to et a DUI in Arizona) I was required to have the IID for three years because i was under age but ended up getting it for 2. I've had it for a year and 5 months and was supposed to get it off this october. I recieved a letter stating i failed a rolling test with a BAC of .049 (FAILED) a minute later retested a blew .016 (Passed). 10 minutes later another rolling test and blwe nothing. I am now required to have it for another year! These devices are obviously defective. I dont drink alcohol but i drink a lot of coffee. I believe coffee triggered my fail and many warnings. I no longer drink coffee when i know i'll be driving. I shouldn't have to pay $80 a month because these devices dont work correctly. I'm sick of being screwed over by this DUI and just want to be free of the IID!
I've gone through about 7 devices so far. most of them wouldn't clibrate correctly so i was just given a new one. but i had one that was, as they called it, "broken".. i live about an hour from the closest smart start. i was about 5 minutes from my house when it beeped for another rolling test, i blew and blew and blew but it just kept saying "Blow". it didn't register me blowing in it so i recieven a violation. i called smart start right a way and they just said to bring it back in so i can get a new one or else i would get locked out. i turned around and drove back into town and got a new one. which just got replaced last week because it wouldn't clibrate! What a POS. anyways, i have another hearing this friday (4 days from now) so hopfully i can get this figured out and dont have to have it for another year!


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Re: angry smileyRe: IGNITION INTERLOCK
February 13, 2012 09:06PM
What device from smartstart do you use?
If you have had so much trouble with your device have you tried to switch manufacturers?

I had the smartstart 20/20 and had no issues at all. A few others on this board have had similar results with it too.

Good luck at the hearing.
February 13, 2012 12:43PM
ok my thing is after spending hours looking up ignition interlock devices, i find that there is no transparency in how much these things actually coast for the provider so basically the law is giving these people free rain to place any price they want. also these providers can treat you in any manor they want and theres nothing you can do about it bc once they put the device in your car it can't b removed until you get a letter from the probation officer. I'm just saying even though we broke the law doesn't mean we should b treated like second class citizens. It takes a lot to get out of the system bc the system try so hard to keep you. i currently have to shell out 200 for a new device that i accidentally broke between my car door i bring it to my provider and they tell me the insurance i tough out for the device dosent cover damage only if the device is stolen, but when i was buying the device it was implied that it would. it was a bait and switch. after debating for 4 min on the phone with the owner i hang up in frustration. later i tow my car to the shop and the worker tells me he can't touch my car until tuesday it was saturday leaving me stranded their and without a car for 3 days. he had all the tools necessary to complete the job, but the owner just had him refuse to work on my car to spite me for hanging up on her. its bad enough i had to bit my pride and spend so much money but then to rub it in my face like that was just wrong and malicious. it just sucks its not like I'm a rich person, I'm a full time college student and i also work full time as well. well thats my take on it all not fare, time consuming, and for the rest of my life at a job interview i have to have that embarrassing speech about how i got a dwi an i learned my lesson. this world is going to shit

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November 04, 2012 10:09AM
I am a recovering alcoholic. I have had a Lifesaver Breathalyser interlock since 2003. I like it beleive it or not- it help me to be rigorously honest. I have had 2 violations where I drank then the next day I went and blew and I was above 0 .025% BAC. I drank 6-8 times between 2000 and 2006 I got caught 2 times. It was not a good move on my part and I do regret it. In 9/11 I got a notice to appear and I was in the middle of a divorce. My wife received the letter and threw it away. I did not show up and was pulled over later in 1/12 and arrested for driving on a revoked lisence. It took 10 months to get another hearing. The whole time I had no idea what it was about. A person at the state of michigan let me in on a secret that my ex wife hade sent in a nasty saying I was drinking. I have not drank since 2006 and she has not seen me consume anything since 2001. I went, the guy told me I blew 17 times and failed. These were rolling blow and it would fail I would blow again and the print out says 0.000% after saying 0.635 - 30 second earlier. This guy tells me I must have some one blowing in there for me. I show him on a day at 4:25AM in the morning I start, blow 0.00, 5 mins later it say recheck and it fails 0.057% I blow again and it say 0.000. I never have anyone riding with me 99.85% of the time. I continue the trip and blow many more time without concequense. This thing has always done that on occasion. I thought that was how they worked. I had sent in for a report in 2008 and it just showed the 2 offenses that I admitted to. 3 years later the same report says 17 some before offense #1 inbetween 1 and #2 then after #2. How come they are not on the report I got in 2008? They really need to make these hearing officers have one of these in there cars for one year so they can see how they behave. This guy told me they were infalable. My brother who has 27 YEARS of sobriety has used my car to run me around and it go him. I took him to the hearing and the guy says it does not lie. He must have drank!! How can you fight brilliance like that. Guilty till proven Innocent.
November 09, 2012 05:18PM
This thing sucks. I've had it installed for 2 days and just now pulling into my driveway it asked for a rolling retest. I tried for 5 minutes and it just kept saying abort early eventually gave me a red light and incurred a violation. A few minutes later I was able to make it work. Lady on the phone says it's still a violation because I wasn't able to make this crappy device work. What is with these stupid rolling retests especially the one that happens 10 minutes after I start my car? What do they think that I got in my car stone cold sober and decided to chug a fifth of liquor?
November 09, 2012 08:41PM
What state and device do you have? If you are looking for help then we can possibly offer advice. I'd hate to use a response just to accomodate general venting with no recourse.

The reason they ask for "rolling retests" is that someone can not just go and start a car without having to consistently pass tests.

Please respond if you wish to become active.
November 11, 2012 12:20PM
I have had an interlock for a bit over two years now. The original system by Alcolock worked fairly well. In cold weather it was much less reliable, but still pretty ok overall. I moved to a state with no Alcolock providers and I had to switch to a Smart Start system. This was a nightmare and it rarely worked. I got used to blowing for 5 minutes to get the car started and to having to blow 7- 10 times every time trying to pass a retest. Worst of all with my original Smart Start handset I had to blow so hard that I sometimes felt faint. It became so bad that I got my sentencing judge to ok an order that would allow me to have the Smart Start system removed and another one put in. When I went to have it removed the provider asked me if I would want to try one of their new handsets, just to see if it was any better. I did and this thing has worked like a dream ever since. Not a bit of trouble ever, I have had to reblow or redo a retest maybe twice in three months. And when it asks for a retest or it makes me blow again it only ever happens once. Not time and time again like the Alcolock one did occasionally, or the original SS one did almost every time I drove the car. The new handset does not require you to blow like you are an air compressor either.

Now that it has gotten cold even this system is starting to give me some trouble. The wiring in the cord will go out on you in a heartbeat in the cold weather. I believe that I went through two cords when I had the Alcolock setup. My unit now will not even power on so I am going to try a new cord tomorrow.

Anyway, to make a long post a little longer- Anyone who is stuck with the original Smart Start handset has my sympathy. My system became unusable very quickly with it. If possible make Smart Start give you a newer handset. Not only does it work 100 times better, it does not ask you for a retest every 15 minutes. Once I get started and do the initial retest I usually have close to an hour before it goes off again.

My other point is that in cold weather these systems seem to go downhill fast.
November 11, 2012 04:48PM
With new technology comes better results, typically. For the sake of detail please list the actual model you have. The model 20/20 seems to perform quite well for smartstart. Also, with that unit you can remove it from your car so when it is cold you dont have it bogged down (like any electronic in the cold) I had it for five months and did not have one issue with it.
December 24, 2012 11:11AM
I think the interlock stuff is bs all of this DUI stuff is all about money that's it.yes I did wrong by drinking and driving but I've done ASAP classes and finished them then failed a alcohol test from drinking 4 beers on a Monday night while watching football at MY home and I'm now doing 12 weeks of this other class cause they obviously think I'm an alchoholic.This is supposed to be a free country and they tell me that I can not drink at all even tho I don't drink much anyways but its just messed up they take my rite to do it.All of those people look at u like your a piece of crap because you got a DUI and you drink when you yourself knows that all of those people drink to but its OK for them.The system is made up of a bunch of bunch of hipacrits seriously now they have put the interlock in my truck which is worst than a damn cell phone and is rediculous.But there gonna get you one way or another,like I said its all about money that's it I blew a 0.09 and passed my field tests and was two miles from home and got taken to jail.Now like 7 grand in the whole there all smiling while I'm struggling and mite loose my home but that's OK cause I'm not worth anything but what the county and the state is getting from me.Its all bus.
December 24, 2012 09:33PM
my name is Imran i am from NJ i got dwi .16 they suspended my license and i was required to have it for 16 months this is my 11th month i have not had a drop of alcohol for last 11 months. always passed i am done with drinking but something happend 2 days ago i parked my car at night and next day it said
violck 53 hours. i immediately dialed smart start but after 30 minutes of wait time i got connected , spoke with a guy he said this isn't a big thing just go there and it will be fixed ( remember i have paid for this month in adv on the 10th of December ) i went there today they charged my another 80$ i called smart start again and spoke with credit manager and i told her you guys have been observing me for a whole year have not had a drop of it so why is that ?
they said you missed it 5 times we checked the logs and this is legit charge i insisted that there has to be a reason behind it when u know that i have not been drinking for real never had any .0001 bac clear all the time so i didnt have any reason to skip it but she was rude did't listen and said thats it we will charge you and they did now i am thinking is-there any way i can change my interlock service provider or dispute the transaction or what ?

but Guys remember this smart start sucks I have never missed any test its been a year never no violations. and i am being charged for no reason
i agree with clayton its a money making machine no matter what the problem is you will be charged.
December 28, 2012 06:05PM
Im new to this. Glad I found the forum! Got mine yesterday. It sucks! Goes off every five min. for a rolling test. I only live 15 min to work. Get a lot of abort cause I dont know what I'm dong and trying to drive while doing it. Newley graduated cop installed it. Didnt tell me alot of things so I had to call 3 times on the way home, only 10 mins away. Got a bad feeling about it all and the service I was getting, tried to stop the install and go with another company but he said no it was already in the truck (but not programed yet). Something about 4 wanrs will cost ya 150.00 to get it reset but that info is not sent to DPS. HUMMMMM, might be because your not doing any thing wrong but just another way for Smart Start to get money out of you. What is a warn. Should I worry about it? I havent drank in 2 weeks. Like I said I'm new to this!
December 29, 2012 08:19AM
Unless otherwise noted the device is typically going to fail you at .025 BAC. A warn will be for BAC under that. A .05 and above will be automatic lockout.
All the info more likely than not is sent to the state for them to judge how you been. Think about it, If you are constantly drinking and locking yourself out why would the state want you on the road? Makes no sense that they would not net the information.

If you do happen to fail and it was NOT from drinking ( like contamination or something but unlikely) then take some water and try again in 5 mins or so. It looks better on the report that if you have a fail followed up by a pass. Then drive around a bit to pass a couple more times if you want to be sure.
If you just give up after a fail then it looks more like it was actually alcohol in your system and they could think you would have driven.
December 30, 2012 10:15AM
Thank you. When I first got it I felt confident that as long as I was following the rules I would be ok. Then ran across the forum and read about all the problems others are having. Finaly had to do some errands yesterday. Found that the longer I drove the less it went off. Was even able to blow while driving. Sad to say that "I need to get good at it"??? Got my DUI in Texas, Williamson County.
December 31, 2012 09:19AM
I had the smart start device for 5 months. I did a week long vacation with it that I drove over 1500 miles. Not one issue. As long as you do not drink and blow or are contaminated you will be fine. The hardest past is getting the humming down. Look for past posts for help with that. Its a learning curve.
January 05, 2013 07:10PM
I have a lifesafer ignition interlock device installed in my car. I have had the device for 10 weeks and about a month ago it warned me 4 times. I have not drank a drop of alcohol since I got my DUI. I took the device back to the shop that installed it and they thought it might need calibrated. well, he calibrated it, but must not of done something right because I put it back into my car and it warned me agin. I went back into the shop and told the worker that it warned me once more. He blew into the thing and it failed him. Real accurate... not. He replaced that unit with a new one. Just today I was driving my car and did a rolling test and the thing failed me this time. What a joke these things are. They should not be able to install one of these devices in any car unless they are going to work right 100 percent of the time. I wonder how many people are sitting on the bus right now or in jail because one of these things did not work correctly. I would not recommend anyone install one of these in their car. They are nothing but trouble and are just going to cause you allot of problems and cost you allot of money. I hope one day who ever regulates these devices might look at all the problems that people have with these devices and find some way to make these things work all the time and only react to people that are drinking alcohol.
January 06, 2013 06:52AM
Have you thought about switching companies? More often than not there are multiple options available for you.
February 04, 2013 12:39PM
Clearly they did not develop the technology enough to make it safe and functional. I used it for a year. After being stranded several times because the device lost power, I gave up driving, surrendered my license to DMV and I take the train. IID causes more problems and stress than driving with one.
February 05, 2013 08:06AM
There are a lot of people that have no issues or very little issues. Sorry to hear of yours but it is quite ignorant to say that an entire technology is faulted due to a small percentage of issues.

What was the issue you had? You only say it failed to start the car. That can be multiple things,. It can even mean that you were drinking and it did its job.

What brand and model did you have?
February 05, 2013 11:34AM
Biddy Boh, you're quite ignorant if you're saying that this so-called "technology" is perfect. I did not say the techonogy is "faulted." I said that it is not advanced enough yet to be on the market. From the hundreds of problems people have described on this, and other forums, it is quite clear that ignition interlock devices, in their current state, often do not work properly.

If I was drunk and the device was doing its job, I would say that the technology worked and that would be a good thing. But when I stepped into my vehicle, all the dashboard lights go on as normal but there is no power to the device, then I must insist that the technology is not practical; it simply doesn't work. In this instance I was left stranded in a cold, dark and dangerous place at night and was forced to walk home. Did the device do its job?

Driving a motor vehicle is an endeavor that requires 100% of one's undivided attention. There are laws against driving and speaking on a telephone. Similarly, the law has proscribed texting and driving. And of course, one cannot drive if one has become mentally impaired through the consumption of alcohol. With all these laws that have been mandated to ensure that motorists concentrate on being safe drivers, why do we believe that one is a safer with an IID? As you know, the procedure is as follows: 1. A startling and obtrusive beep alerts the driver that a "rolling test" is needed, 2. the driver must remove his attention from the road and locate the device, which may, I will add, have fallen on the floor of the vehicle, 3. the driver must then properly position this device over his mouth, ensuring that the blow hole is properly situated to receive the sample, 4. the driver must then exhale carefully into the device, attempting to a exhude a humming noise of a perfectly monotonous pitch for up to 7 seconds. If any of these steps are not perfectly adhered to, the driver is required to repeat the task several times. Let's keep in mind that this procedure will often take place in the dark, and in inclement weather conditions when extra attention is required on the road. Our laws imply that this procedure is safe but taking a phone call while driving is not.

I will reiterate. The IID technology, in its current state, does not function properly as hundreds of good people can attest. Furthermore its use is as dangerous, if not more dangerous, than driving while speaking on a cell phone or texting and driving. A denial of these basic facts would demonstrate your ignorance and it is unfortunate that statements like the ones you make on this forum are those that shape public opinion.

PS. You ask people, "What brand and model do you have?" - as if it's the latest cool gadget from Apple. It isn't.
February 06, 2013 08:42AM
I will address some points you made in your previous posts.

The instance in which you were left stranded. Do you know that it was the fault of the device as opposed to the fault of the installer? If the installer is even halfway decent then these IIDs can be installed in short time with no issue. Just like your HVAC system, it is more dependent on the proper installation as opposed to brand. It can be more complicated if there are a lot of remote starters and the like.

There are many laws in many states about distracted driving. You can be distracted from switching your radio station. You can be distracted from your daughter doing something in the backseat. Or you can simply be daydreaming while on the road. The reason they think it is safer ( I can only assume) is that driving with an IID to where you are sober or almost sober (.024 and under) is much safer than letting you drive drunk. You describe the steps to your IID as if it were a Smartstart device so I will assume it is.

1) Yes it does alert you with a loud beep. You can usually hear the device start kicking on about a second or two right before though. The beep has to be loud so people can not say they did not hear it as an excuse.
2) You remove your attention from the road to locate the device just as you would a radio station or your cup of coffee/soda. Not much is devoted to it. If it has fallen on the floor than that is your problem. You shouldn't let it be in a position where it can fall on the floor.
All over the paperwork and on their websites it says to pull over to a safe place to attempt the rolling retests if you can not do them while driving. That is one of the reasons it gives you so much time. The smartstart is 6 minutes I believe. Plenty of time to focus solely on the device without driving.

You state " The IID technology, in its current state, does not function properly as hundreds of good people can attest" I agree there are lots of people that have an issue. No where have I ever said that the technology is perfect. Please do not insinuate I ever thought that. There is no technology that is perfect but, as you must know, people only show up on internet forums like this one to complain. For the hundreds of people that have issues there are ten times (and more) that amount that don't. This forum only gets the people that have issues and seek out help (or just to complain). It can be frustrating with a learning curve at first but there are some people that are willing to help them try tips and techniques from their own experiences to make their sentence just a little better.

" Ignition interlocks are faulty and dangerous. "
That is a very broad statement right from you. One can not make such an "umbrella" statement like that, especially without having tried all the other interlocks on the market. You can not say that all of them are faulty. Now I can understand your emotion behind it since you are biased towards one position.

"You ask people, "What brand and model do you have?" - as if it's the latest cool gadget from Apple. "

I do not understand how you can imply I think these are "cool gadget"s. First off, I do not own one apple product. I do not think Apple products are "cool". Why would you imply I relate interlocks to an apple product? How is that even conceivable? I mean, I did ask about your device and the reason I did was to offer some support or advice. I had the smartstart. There are others that used it too on this forum. Plus, there are many others using Draeger, lifesaver, etc... devices that are similar but different techniques to start.

You seem like an intelligent person. A lot of your effort can be used to help people with their device or you can even state your bad experience with your provider and suggest another one in your state to keep people from a possibly bad experience like you had. You can also elect to write/talk to your local congress persons and talk about the IID technology and your beliefs on it. Thats what they are paid to do by you, the taxpayer. But a complaint on an internet forum will get nothing when you have not offered up your state and model device to help other people. A lot of people come on here before they get their IID in order to look up complaints people have to try and get the easiest/best one. Your information could be useful to someone but you chose not to share it. I encourage you to do so.
February 07, 2013 05:38PM
Well, you're right I am emotional over this issue - in light of the circumstances surrounding my conviction and the aftermath thereof, I think I'm entitled to be a little pissed off. New Years Eve - 2010. 3 feet of snow on the ground. Shoveling snow around the vehicle and scraping ice off the windshield. The engine was on to warm up the car. Finally made a path to back out of the spot. Apparently one can be convicted of DWI even if one isn't in the vehicle. The vehicle was on and I had the "intent" of driving it. Cops pulled up and in I went.

Anyway, I'm thankful that we are given the choice of driving with an IID and not driving at all. Handed my license to the DMV with a smile. Lifesafer can keep their product and I'll keep my money. NYC public transit gives me plenty of time to read, catch up on paperwork, and even have a few drinks at the pub before I commute home! Its great...and there's no traffic to contend with, gas to pump, insurance to pay, or blow tubes to test my breath.
January 08, 2013 10:16AM
i live in florida and was told by court haveto have ign. itrlk. for a year. its been 6 yrs. i just went to get license, paid all kinds of fines and 1600.00 dollars for 6 months ins. . When i went to have system put in, it took me 2hrs to get 2 good readings. that didnt quailify me to be able to keep car started or ever get a no violation. In the 3hrs i was in the shop every person that came in was under some violation or another. what is going on? Does anyone out there know what i can do i physically am unable to do test. I am in diar need of my license, i moved elderly parents done here so i could care for them and i cant even get them to dr appts. dad is so sick now he is in hospital now for 4 months. if anyone has ideas or facts u know please share i will be waiting THANKS
January 09, 2013 10:01AM
You provided little to no information to allow anyone to help you.

First, What brand and model device do you have?

Second, you say that they gave you sentence of one year with interlock but then you say its been 6 years? Do you mean 6 years since you have had a license?

Third, you state that you are physically unable to do the test. How can you not do the test?
February 04, 2013 12:32PM
I used the interlock for a year. Its just not worth the humiliation, hassle and money. The interlock failed to start the car on several occassions - the most recent instance occurred in December when, after watching a movie with my 7 year old daughter, the interlock lost power and I was stranded in a cold dark parking lot. My daugher and I had to walk home..I carried her half the way. Thankfully we only live 4 miles away from the theater.

A month ago I surrendered my drivers license to the DMV. I take the train to and from work now - my life has become much less stressful without this ridiculous device. If it worked properly, it would be okay. But clearly they did not develop the technology to the point that its fit to put on the market. My advice to those who are forced to use it - bite the bullet and take public transportation. Ignition interlocks are faulty and dangerous.
February 08, 2013 09:15AM
I live in Wisconsin and have had an IID for 10 months. It is the most incredibly dangerous device to have in your car while driving. It is way worse than texting, talking or other distractions while driving especially in bad weather. In fact, I am not sure if it is the intention of the WDOT to cause more accidents, heart problems in convicted OWI drivers or raise revenue for the kickbacks their OWI instructors get when they pass out a chosen installer's brochure during your first class. I am enraged by the injustice of it and feel that the circumstances surrounding my OWI do not call for such a device or the NEAR DEATH experiences I am having just trying to get to work. I WANT TO JOIN A CLASS ACTION SUIT OR START ONE BEFORE THIS DEVICE KILLS ANYONE. Is there a DAMM yet? Drunks Against Mad Mothers?

The past week I have had so many failed tests and the failed test results go up and down in AC within 2 minutes of each other and make no sense at all so that a person can figure out the equation to driving and satisfying the "blow and suck and blow softer and suck harder" commands on the LED screen. What man made that up in the test phase of product I wonder?

Yesterday I locked out in the snow and sleet and to my amazment I successfully pulled off the highway while honking and blinking like the 4th of July ending up in the Sheriff's Highway Patrol parking lot in Milwaukee (and you know those officers are going to make it all bad in a matter of minutes and I think I had a minor stroke while there). My second lock out for the day and it's only 11:00 am. I called Dasani water, (Coca Cola) and reviewed the ingredients of their product after rinsing my mouth several times and acheiving a .044 failed reading. Dasani finally took me seriously and had a representative call me back within 24 hours. Thanks.

After that response while freezing my ass off and my windows full of icy slush I called CST for my IntoxaLot, which is so highly technolgical, NOT!

It was my third trouble shooting call this week and while stranded in sleet, snow and ice I was instructed not to use my windshield wiper solvent because it has alcohol in it and I had a bottle of it on the frontseat floor in my car. CST told me to drive with my windows open (it is snowing and sleeting here in Milwaukee) and when the device goes off, shake it out the window and then blow in it. Also, don't use the heat/defrost because anit freeze fumes and gas fumes cause a failed test as well and stop at Wal-Mart and buy non-alcoholic wiper fluid (which they don't have at my local Wal-Mart). Are you kidding me? I will have a semi truck in front of me and a semi truck on my left and I'm in a 2000 Cavalier which I bought this beater car because the first device caused $2000 in damage and repair to my 2006 Jeep and now this Intoxalot device is ruining the beater car too. The wires are rigged up under my steering column and hanging on a box next to the brake pedal laying across the floor and dangles while I drive. If my foot slips (in the snowy weather, yes) off the brake to the left of the pedal it will cause a major accident especially on the highways. Shake the device out the window? Oh, and uh, safety first.

I got locked out at my customer's plant yesterday and didn't get their inventory reports in time, I could lose my business if this doesn't come to an end. Besides that, I have been locked out, towed my car several times, embarrassed in front of my customers and business partners, friends and family and stranded at night without help in unfamiliar places and this because I blew a .10 2 years ago (I was passenger but the cops gave us both OWIs because they saw me pull the car to the curb when the driver got out and left the car in the middle of the road), did 30 days in county, paid thousands in fines, classes and can't count how much time off work. Dont' drink and drive? I dont' want to hear any judgmental bullshit from anyone because it's hypocrisy at it's finest and there was not any intention of harm or a victim in my case. I was not driving for my first OWI offense either (Wisconsin) but the twisted law is the twisted law AND I AM NOT DRINKING NO LESS DRINKING AND DRIVING.

Does anyone have any class action suit information or is one started anywhere? I have plenty of repair bills and witnesses which were former passengers but are now too afraid to ride in my car until the IID is uninstalled.
February 14, 2013 01:45PM
I am an Installer of interlock devices, and I can tell you for the most part the device works properly. Most problems I see with the devices happen when it is verry cold,installed inproperly, or the vehicle's battery/charging system is in bad shape. As for false positives, I have to blow in one of these devices allmost every day, I have never had one tell me I had alcahol in my system, even if I drank a lot the night b4. I have heard stories from customers time after time of problems with mouthwash, but when I look at the history on the account it shows multiple bac readings from previous calibrations. BTW I use mouth wash every morning.. Donuts "PLEASE" I can eat a donut and pass without problems. I won't say that these devices are fool proof and perfect, but they are far more accurate than they are getting credit for on this forum.
March 01, 2013 07:42PM
Ok installer man... glorified car stereo or window installer.. what/where is your proof that the devices are 'far more accurate' and U know better than ALL the ppl on this forum that are saying they arn't? Your own exp. simply blowing into these devices once in a while as part of your job? Have you had one in your vehicle for any length of time and had to deal with it on an ongoing day to day basis? I just had one of these piece of shit things put in my car today, and already have had issues with it. (alcolock LR) Right from the get go, in the parking lot at the install place; first try, "HUM LOUDER". wtf..?

Let me just say first off, that the 'trainer' even said she was "impressed" that I was able to pick up the hum/blow technique right away, and did FIVE consecutive tests in a row, and honestly didn't have any conserns about THAT causing me problems. (Also being a musician/singer, I know how to control my breathing and hold a tone/pitch.) So I did it again, and it let me start the car. 5 mins later, as I'm merging onto a 3 lane highway, heavy traffic, the thing starts beeping at me for a re-test. Annoing to say the least..

I find it interesting that its against the law (here in Ontario anyway) to use a mobile phone or electronic device while operating a vehicle.. but this stupid thing can NOT be muted, and has a cord dangleing out of it you have to deal with whilst blowing into it, and you HAVE to opperate law.... and there are instances where it is NOT safe to pull over and stop your car to re-test. Such as in the middle lane of 3 lanes of heavy trafic moving at 100+ kph, and no shoulder to pull onto (snow banks or guard rail.. not a great parking place..)

So anyway.. I drove about 40 mins, all was well, got to my destination. (work, which I had to loose MORE time from to get this thing put in) .. a few more starts later in the day gave me no troube. Ok, this thing aint so bad.. dum dum dum... I work late, its now quite cold outside and the unit takes a while to warm up.. ok, I knew this would happen.. But it starts. I decide to go grab a slice of pizza (no food at home tongue sticking out smiley ) But I do NOT EAT IT. I'm not gona take any chances here, just want to get home, its been a long day.. get it to go, I'll heat it up when I get back to my house. No smokeing, no drink, no ANYTHING for at least 30 mins before this.. I get back in my car in front of the the pizza place, rinse mouth with some water, start to blow and unit instatly buzzes:

"HUM LOUDER" ...fuck sakes... So I hum louder..

EEHHH "invalid sample 01" Ok.. wait, blow again

EEHHH "invalid sample 01" are fucking kidding me..

I take out a new mouth piece, pop it in, blow again..

(you guessed it..) "INVALID SAMPLE 01"

So I pull the cord out of the stupid thing, wait a min and plug it back in.. wait again for warm up, and FINALY (after 20 mins in the cold now, I can barely feel my fingers) the god forsaken piece of shit acceps a sample and lets me start the car. And this is just day one.

Thank you MADD, you have fucked me and thousands of INOCCENT people over, in the name of 'protection of lives' and punished people who comitted no crime. Well done, OH.. and you make a shit load of money off it too! How good for you!! At best, it's nothing more than a knee jerk reaction that solves nothing and doesn't prevent shit. Never mind being 'drunk' or impaired, I'm so god damn angry now I might have a psycotic episode while driving and just start running people down with my car..

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March 09, 2013 07:04PM
I still do not see how these machines can be considered anywhere near accurate and reliable.. I am now on my FOURTH handset in ONE WEEK! They also have a monopoly here in Ontario, no other options to choose from, so if you want to drive, u have to use the alcolock LR unit. ACS has this shit locked down, and they are making a killing off it. Every time I have been to the service place, the other people I talk to there have the same stories, same issues and same problems as me. The one 'tech' even told me he sees this problem a lot more than he'd like to.. He knows, they all know..

Heres some food for thought;

Most recent problem I had was TEN aborted tests "invalid sample" followed by a lockout (detected 'high bac' acording to the printout) and this is at 8am as I was simply trying to get to work. I'm thankfull my boss is understanding, and gives me a lot of leaway.. a lot of places I would have lost my job this week. (late THREE TIMES) Now, heres the interesting part.. this lockout gets put on my record/file and is taken as absolute truth. Counts as a strike against me. Now, I am allowed a few lockouts in the first 6 months, as long as they are not 3 consecutive in a certain time span, and I don't miss any rolling re-tests, but still.. this is bothersome to me, as its only the first week, and I have 9 months of this shit to get through. (not alowed ANY failures in the last 3 months.. I might just stop driving..) So, Imediatly after TEN failures (invalid sample) of the machine, a reading that detects supposed bac is still taken as absoulte truth.. How is that logical? It makes no sence at all..

I work in a machine shop, and use measuring tools accurate to tenths of a thousanth of an inch. If I get 10 diffrent readings trying to measure the same part, I question my measuring device. Even IF the last reading was the number I was 'looking for' I still don't believe it and have to recalibrate the measuring tool, or toss it in the garbage and get one that is ACUARATE and reads properly.

If this machine worked as it was intended, I would have no problem with it being in my car. But it doesn't.. if an auto manufacturer had this many problems with a part or system in a car, they would be forced to recall and FIX the problem, or replace the vehicle/faulty parts. I'm convinced that it is totaly about the money grab, and does NOTHING to prevent or stop impaired driving or accidents/deaths.

On a side note, I have proof on video that these machines cant even do the ONE task they are supposed to do properly; detect actual blood alcohal and lock out the vehicle.

(fun fact, my cell phone cost me $200 and does SO much more than this pos interlock, talk text internet/email, apps, etc, and quite reliably too... but the interlock handset is apparently $1300 to replace if damaged or lost.. lol ya.. and it cant even do ONE thing correctly)

I had quite a few drinks one night early on in the week and the next morning the thing didn't even give a warning (set at .02 on my unit) which I thought was odd, cause if u believe the bs they tell you in the course I had to take, there should have been a signifigant bac registered.. not nearly enought time had passed for my body to suposedly get rid of all the alcohal...(aprox 8 hours) but no, nothing.. started my car (after 3 tries mind you) and went to work. So, the other night I had maybe 7 drinks in about 5 hours, then ate a slice of pizza. Didn't rinse with water, even had a cigarette too... I turned on the camera and blew into the machine just for shits and giggles... it DIDNT LOCK OUT! Just kept saying 'try again' or 'blow longer' or 'invalid sample' Now keep in mind I had no intention of actually driving anywhere, but I was trying to see if the machine would actualy do its job.. and I realize that yes, the car still wasn't allowed to start, but really.. how did it not detect enough to lock out? How can this machine be considered acurate or reliable? If it can fail one way, it can fail the other way as far as I'm conserned. This year is going to be hell..
March 02, 2013 04:16AM
March 02, 2013 10:19AM
Quintank: It probably depends on what device youhave. Mine has done that, and I immediately pulled over, swished with water and re-blew within 5 minutes, and whatever sugar alcohol residue was gone so that it passed. This has happened twice, both food events. I have made the choice to *never* eat in my car and always carry water with me. With my device, before the parameter change, we only got a warn if it was above 0.02. So, anything below that passed and we drive but dont realize the device has recorded a miniscule number and sent to the DMV.

Especially since, NC (or at least one local Monitech..... who really knows the true answer?) has changed the restriction parameters. Before, it was easy to get a "warn" if you ate in the car and had a transient 0.012, for example. Now - get this - after the re-set, you get a fail for a 0.004. Supposedly this is a DMV ruling, but I had a hearing this week (rolling test 0.012) and the Hearing Officer didnt know anything about the change!??

It is soooo disheartening to not be drinking at all, and still be warned and failed and just the hassle in general for these devices. And knowing that if there are too many ""errors,"" you could lose your license again and/or have to add another year to the device, but you havent even been drinking!!!

The punishments never end and keep getting more and more unreasonable for this (vastly) victimless crime. Why cant someone with some sense and some power address this? People who havent had to deal with these things just assume all kinds of nasty things about people who have dui's. The assumption that the person 'must be lying' about drinking in the car.... so ridiculous. The assumption that, this is a mechanical, computerized device; of course there could be nothing wrong with a mechanical, computerized device, right?

My next goal when I can afford is to get a dash cam. So when I have more problems (a given,) I can prove without a doubt that I am not drinking and I am the one blowing.
March 04, 2013 03:15PM
As a bit of an update; Had nothing but problems with my machine all weekend, didn't drink AT ALL, didn't eat before or during driving, blah blah blah. Turns out, amongst all the errors, (blow longer, hum louder, invalid sample, ect) one was a tell tale sign the unit had a 'technical malfunction' (this is what the 'tech' told me today, while replacing it with another unit) Now lets see here.. THREE DAYS OLD? and it is failing? And when they dumped the data, the 'invalid sample' DIDNT EVEN SHOW UP!! NOT EVEN ONE!! (I had seen many, at least half a dozzen in two days) Tech says; "ya, it happens. just got a lemon ha ha" WTF?!?!?! This is insane..

Wanttosucceed; I second your sentiments, something must be done here.. this glorified money grab is disrupting and destroying peoples lives.. and as a previous poster mentioned, I think it is time for people such as us (The REAL victums here) to start lobying for OUR rights.. DAMM ; drinkers against mad mothers.. I like it.

Dont get me wrong, I'm TOTALY for harsh punishment and fines/etc for people who DO comit a crime (killing inocent drivers, causeing damage to property and the like) but the way its set up now, they might as well charge u with rape for dancing with a girl at a club...or charge u with murder for slaping someone. This is turning into a police state, and u are no guilty intil proven inoccent. And there is no way to prove it..
March 04, 2013 06:09PM
I have also had to switch out handsets b/c of technical problems, such as the alarm goiung off or absolutely no reason (unit wasnt even touched) and giving warnings with a bunch of gibberish - looked like hierogylphics! I had to reiterate several times to the Tech that I needed a new handset. He finally, begrudgingly gave me one. Said that basically they are all used... here in NC they are in the process of phasing out old models. So replacements are not refurbished. They are re-issued.

The Techs are always very defensive, with a position before you even tell them whats wrong that they arent going to accept responsibilty. I have to take my unit inside every night, b/c I have already ruined one battery.....had to have car jumped off multiple times over thecourse of a month, even though I drive every day. And the last time, it was only sitting there 7 hours while I worked, when I got in, battery was dead as a rock and could not even be jumped. They wouldnt accept responsibility for that either, even though they were the ones who told me to take the unit off every night so it wouldnt drain my battery. I had to reiterate several times that my ha
March 04, 2013 06:17PM
supposed to read: "alarm going off for no reason."

btw, mine is a Monitech Quik Test. Its a hand- heald device, it talks, no humming involved.

Monitech has a monopoly in NC, so there is no changing to a more user-friendly device.

Like many others, I dont have a problem with these devices being in cars. They should just be more usable and safer. Heck, probably mandatory dash cams should be placed in all cars. That way, those who are driving while high on prescrioption drugs, texting and driving, too old and can't see, etc, all that would be on tape.

Along with the fact that someone was *not* drinking during a problem with the device.
March 04, 2013 06:22PM
Cantdothisatall: I experienced a mental block when I first had mine installed. My life had been turned upside down in many other ways at the same time, and it was just too much to deal with. I couldnt get it to work. So, I had it removed and I walked for a year. When my life was a little more settled, I had it re-installed, and havent had a problem getting it to work ever since (except the malfunctions, the accidental disconnects, and a few food-related events.)

Just keep at it, try to relax and it will come together.
April 22, 2013 10:54AM
ok folks, I am from Wisconsin. I have 30 months on an Intoxalock. I started almost a year ago. I have had numerous problems with this device. I was in Jail when my driver who was using my car blew a fail because she used her inhaler (she has asthma). Ok? I can explain that away. I was told that big macs have alcohol in the special sauce and it will flunk you. I wont dispute that salad dressing will give a false positive. If you drive a van and you are going home with a can of fuel for your lawnmower, and it tips over and leaks, when ya get home hang the unit out the window and open the windows, or it will say you have been dead for hours. I dont know how high the meter goes, but of course I have seen people acting normal at .75. it was when they got down to .28 then they almost died. They NEVER drove anywhere. I thankfully, was never able to take that level of abuse. i would die.
So intoxalock messed up on me when I left the door open and the battery went dead. Or it was 'cause I just got it recalibrated and the installer did NOT tighten up the screws on that serial cable! So it thought it was tampered with. I got out of my work and the lights were flashing on and off. It started. I pushed the button a hundred times. It gave me an error code. Or it said keys are on. I live over 20 miles from work so I just ran the backroads home and as soon as i got home, the horn blew and WOULD NOT STOP. So I turned the headlights off and the horn stopped and the running lights kept blinking. After a few hours I woke up and the battery was dead, the unit said low voltage, I put on a charger. I noticed the installer did not tighten the connections down so I tightened them down till I could not turn them farther without a tool. I DID contact Intoxalock as soon as I got home and I had a lockout so they shipped me another unit. I was highly disturbed....When I charged up the battery and tightened the connections it worked just fine, tho it still said service required in so many hours.
Intoxalock will give you false readings. i dont think it can be helped. Dont eat or let anything containing alcohol enter your car. The DMV wont believe you no matter what you say. If your stuck in the country, consider milking goats at a hippy commune. Seriously consider getting some anti-angziety medication and taping some tablets to the back of the unit.
Ya'll have a fantastic life and stay away from five-oh. Or dauh fuzz, da man...whatever. Good luck.
April 24, 2013 03:01AM
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April 28, 2013 12:23PM
I have not drank since the night of my DUI. I got my interlock installed during my statutory suspension period. I was hoping that I would only need this thing during that 6 month period because I HATE this machine! I have problems with it every single time I drive! I have been stranded, been late to work and been absolutely humiliated! Yes, I frickin' know it is MY fault and that I should not have been drinking and driving. I would be more than happy to take my punishment and use this thing every dang time I had to drive.....IF it WORKED and was ACCURATE !!!!!
I have had 4 violations and all were sent to the Secretary of State and then I was sent letters for each one stating that I needed to explain why and the circumstances. No problem, because I did nothing wrong...except one of the 4 violations said I had a bac of .196!!!!!!! Which was higher than my DUI! The other 3 were read at 0. I did not have anything to drink or eat, I had simply just gotten off of work, got car started, tried to do the rolling re-test, it kept saying blow longer, blow harder...over and over. I kept running out of breath before it was time to do the suck in part. It was taking forever for it to take. It kept shutting itself off saying re-set. Somehow, I got it started and an hour and a half later, headed home. So, how is it possible to have a 0 reading, start the car, then according to the report, have a .196 bac 46 seconds later???? THEN two minutes later I miraculously had a 0 bac again! I can't get the vendor to even acknowledge that this thing was faulty on their end. It had to be something I ate or drank...BS! I had a ZERO bac when I started it and had consumed nothing in between!!!
Last week I was convicted and am revoked for 18 months. I am scared to drive. I have not driven since I got the letter about the INACCURATE reading.
I will need to have machine removed when I get the revocation letter, but then when I apply for a restricted driving permit, they will make me re-install it.
I live in a town with no bus service and I certainly can't afford a cab to work, so I don't know what I am supposed to do. This is my life we are talking about...I can not have another false reading, for one, if I am trying for a work permit and for another if I EVER want my license back again. This is serious stuff that can mess with my future. I know my mistake but how can I ever move on from it if this machine is such a piece of shit and could ruin my life more than it already is because of my stupid mistake....??
Give me a machine that is accurate and works 100% of the time and I will blow in it for the next 5 years if I have to, just don't punish me by giving me 18 months of inaccuracy and fails that make me too scared to even drive. I am going to end up losing my job!
I am a first time offender with no criminal history and only a few minor traffic violations in the almost 30 years of my driving. Illinois
April 29, 2013 07:04AM
Where are you from? I am in IL too
April 29, 2013 08:03AM
Champaign County...You?
April 29, 2013 08:42AM
I am in cook county. I know for a fact that you can switch providers for your interlock. You just have to schedule it accordingly. and same day I think. Call the state office and discuss with them. IL has a handful of providers. I had good luck with smartstart 20/20 sans camera.
May 01, 2013 01:02PM
I might try them. Do you have to hum with that one?
May 09, 2013 05:45AM
well guess this site can be good or bad for me ,,, I am in the early stages of dui penalties ,,,, I am located in Massachusetts any one know what the least problematic system is and costs for devices ,,,, seems like theres no life recovery for a mistake like this ,,,,almost feel like they should toss me in jail forever ,,, I mean its not enough I lost my job ,,payed fines ,,,payed for a 14 day inpatient treatment program,,,pay for 26 weeks of out patient treatment ,,,the cost of money for public transportation to get here and there ,,,,,the raised insurance ,,,the cost for license renewl fee ,,,,,then have to deal with this interlock BS which after reading stories here going to have other potential issues with employment and registry etc ,,,,makes me sick,,,, oh and before you righteous people lay into me bout how wrong I was ,,,save your breath ,,,, drinking water or coffee and other actions while driving is breaking the law its just not enforced ,,,, people make mistakes but IMO shouldn't have to live with financial burdens forever ///loss of license forever ,,,,
May 09, 2013 05:24PM
please give your life experiences on this facebook page I created to help others thanks [] or you can type in ignition interlock devices in the facebook search to visit the page ,,,seeing facebook is so popular figure it will be seen by more people
May 11, 2013 02:28PM
I just got the interlock device installed day before yesterday and it's been going fine until this morning. I didn't realize that because of having a few glasses of wine at home the night before would cause me to fail the next morning going to work. I did a re-test 5 minutes after the first try and failed it again. I did not try to start the car I just left and got my neighbor to take me to work. What should I do now? I'm brand new at this and it's freaking me out.
May 12, 2013 08:15AM
What state are you in?
What device do you have?

If by "few", which is commonly thought of at 3 or so, then that would not cause you to fail the next day.
June 03, 2013 07:00AM
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May 13, 2013 01:58PM
I am in NC and I have the new QuicTest version QT 1L. The night before my friend and I shared a bottle of wine to celebrate her Birthday and I figured it would be out of my system by the next day. It could have also be a problem because I overslept and woke up just in time to throw clothes and brush teeth and get out the door and forgetting I used Listerine mouthwash. My appointment at Monitech is tomorrow so I'm worried about because I just got my license back last week.
May 14, 2013 07:33AM
It would be a good idea that you educate yourself on BAC and the quantity of drinks that will affect it. Will save you headaches in the future.

I'm pretty sure all literature says to not use any products with alcohol in them due to them interfering with the results. But two fails in a row is bad. Plus, the mouthwash starts to dissipate as soon as you spit it out. so your initial fail would have had to been within a few mins of spitting it out, then if you waited 5 mins to try again it should have been fine. But swishing with water can help you out
May 26, 2013 10:59AM
Just curious.why does the smart start have so many problems (as per the number of user complaints), and why do they require the hum as well as the blow?
May 27, 2013 09:46PM
the hum is so people can not circumvent by using compressed air.
May 22, 2013 06:26AM
Listerine, are you serious ? Rookie mistake.

Might as well have got totally hammered.

Time is the only way. if you have drinks, example 8 beers, .16 / .015 = 10.66 hours minimum waiting time.

Also depends on the alcohol content. Just words of wisdom don't blow again if you fail.

This is how they are going to screw you. Don't let this happen to you.

If you have more than a lockout, like 2, you will have a hearing.

And they are zero tolerance, and of course morons.

Stop messing around, this isn't funny.
May 15, 2013 01:27PM
I have done so much research on these devices and let me tell you, all these things are POS. Let me begin by stating ( Don't Drink & Drive) I am not responsible for you are what you do with what I am about to tell you! If you kill someone your a POS and I hope you get GANGBANGED in PRISON

Let me begin by saying the government cannot force you to buy something it is illegal. They get away with this by saying you have two options (get one or dont Drive)

all interlocks SUCK

Interlocks are the biggest scam EVER! Most state laws state they need servicing every 60 days, why do I have to recal. every MONTH? IID companies are milking us thats why!

MADD is trying to get every state to change their BAC limit to 0.05. that is going to turn everyone into a Drunk Driver!

lets take a look a how unreliable and just how easy it is to manipulate IIDs

so to everyone that has thought about manipulating, your probably thinking about it from the wrong perspective, Let me explain. Every IID company has different IID units that have different features. These features are designed to fool us into believing that in order for us to get through one "safety feature" we are going to get caught by another "Safety Feature" which will result in a tampering charge. So screw the developers they want us to believe its hopeless to manipulate there almighty fool prof IID. I think not! I am going to explain just how easy it is to be SWAzTED DRUNK and PASS the BLOWER!

Developers and company owners are going to shit there pants when they find out what I am about to share with the world. MADD is about to FLIP


This is the first mistake People people make, They think that they can get past the tampering features, which that is what the developers and COPS want you to do. But this is the thing! instead of trying to rewire your whole car or provide bogus samples, try this. Take a step back and take a deep look at your blow-in-go! Contemplate the technology technology it uses.

Most people think that IID is ONE thing. However its actually a sophisticated combination of outdated technology that has a bunch of bells and whistles.

They want you to believe that IID is state of the art and 10 years ahead on right now! This is false their PATENTS are from 1989. So in all actuality their 24 years behind!

So when you google how the interlock works you get a bunch of BS videos on how to use interlocks

the IID has to warm up to configure
i have to keep blowing after i start the car
the device is a timer, recorder, and analyser
it has back up batteries in case power is lost
comes with tamper tap
comes with vocalization technology
It cost me 60 a month to have it re-calibrated
The calibration software is not available to the public

There are hundreds of IID products on the market all have their differences, but forget about differences lets compare the one similarity every IID has in common.
So What does every interlock device have in common?... The answer... A fuel cell sensor, which is an (electrochemical device) AKA the thing that calculates BAC. So unbelievably the breath sample technology is mostly the same in all interlock devices.

Think about it like this, Say computer technology never advanced and everyone still had windows 95 but your anti virus software was Norton 2013. That is what happened to IID. So if you have a IID fuel cells are mow the KEY to your car!

(FACT) IID are still using 1980 fuel cell technology and the only thing changing in IID is the tamper features.... Hhhhmm

So WTF if a FUEL Cell

Its a electrochemical device looks like a three layer SANDWICH. When you blow into the IID your breath is passing around this triple layer fuel cell, a reaction occurs and a small amount of electricity is produced. So to make it short and sweet alcohol (ethanol), undergoes a chemical oxidation reaction at a catalytic electrode surface (platinum) to generate a quantitative electrical response. The position on the catalyst where this occurs is known as an “active site” and is on an intermolecular scale, measured in nanometers. Whenever a molecule is oxidized it loses electrons. During the fuel cell reaction, the electrons which are lost from the alcohol molecule are transferred to the platinum electrode (the fuel cell anode). The stronger the current of electricity the higher your BAC.

So what is the key element that makes this reaction happen.... The Answer is (Platinum)
So how can we stop this reaction from taking place? the answer is we cant, NOT without tearing the blower apart, which is bad news bears. But If there is a will there is a way to manipulate the IID. Lets take a closer look at the oxidation process

As the exhaled air from the suspect flows past one side of the fuel cell, the platinum oxidizes any alcohol in the air to produce acetic acid, protons and electrons.
The electrons flow through a wire from the platinum electrode. The wire is connected to an electrical-current meter and to the platinum electrode on the other side.
So we now understand that a chemical reaction occurs inside the IID and that electrons are bad. We understand that the platinum acts as a catalyst speeding up the chemical reaction separating electrons thus creating a small electric circuit. So know we know how it works

Now comes the fun part! MANIPULATION TIME

We have ONE vulnerability that we can use to our advantage and manipulate the device

The conductivity of platinum
So could this could be the Achilles heel of the almighty interlock? (lets explore)

manipulate the conductivity of the Platinum by restricting the amount of electrons or strain the fuel cells.

I did some reseach on fuel cells and found out from the TOP manufacture that Old fuel cells never die, they only fade away. In theory they are everlasting (short of gross contamination). In practice, they get slower and slower owing to some combination of poisoning and slow surface area loss of the platinum catalyst.
So why is platinum used in IID
The primary use of platinum and other platinum metals is as catalysts the second reason (Conductivity). A catalyst is a substance used to speed up or slow down a chemical reaction without undergoing any change itself.
so what if we were able to corrode the platinum to reduce the chemical reaction inside the interlock?.... answer you cant corrode platinum because Platinum is a NOBLE metal. So this leaves us stumped.........
does the developers have it all figured ? is it impossible to tamper with the IID in such a way that no body will know? ..... The ANSWER!

If there is a WILL there is a WAY, Time to fight fire with FIRE

My fool prof method to start a car with an IID while being drunk
If the developers are going to utilize a NOBLE metal to ensure an accurate electric current, I will utilize a NOBLE gas... (inert gas)... to restrict the chemical reaction thus causing ruduced electrical voltage enabling me to start my car.
you cannot stop the chemical reaction totally in my method, I will explain later!

So what are NOBLE gases?
helium (He), neon (Ne), argon (Ar), krypton (Kr), xenon (Xe),

This is a sure 100% fool prof. method on how to beat the IID.

Step 1. obtain a small tank with hose of an Inert gas (helium (He), neon (Ne), argon (Ar), krypton (Kr), xenon (Xe),
Step 2. Set tank regulator to +1.4 psi this is the typical human lung psi
Step 3. Get an air needle from WALMART ( the kind that inflates basket balls, bikes, etc)
Step 4. Get an extra Mouthpiece from the RE-calibration Tech.
Step 5. Take a lighter and heat the tip of the needle.
Step.6 insert in into the side of the IID Mouthpiece, burn it threw the plastic
step 7. Connect the hose to the tank and the mouthpiece, then place mouthpiece in the IID
Step 8. Turn your ignition on wait for the interlock to ask for a sample, then Simultaneous turn the valve on, at the same you lightly blow-humm. When the sample time has ended quickly remove the mouth piece and start your CAR. Dont forget to turn your inert gas off. If it asks you for a rolling test pull over Continue steps when needed

I am not responsible for anything! this is for informational purposes only. Don't Drive Drunk!

HSU SAMBO 501 St17 6335
August 14, 2013 12:46PM
That is very good advice but it seems more trouble than it is worth. Just don't plan on driving drunk and you will be ok.
August 15, 2013 10:40PM
That's a good way to get yourself killed. There's a reason bottled gases are considered hazardous to transport
May 16, 2013 06:32PM
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May 20, 2013 11:32AM
i have a device in my car since dec10 2012 it is now may 2013 i have used the car twice since then.the device is fine however my voice tone is not
have a history of asthma/respiratory issues.every time i blow into it it reads abort hum and other .it seems
i'am always clearing my throat.i can't my car out of the drive not to mention driving to med appt in which i have cancelled alng with my gym membership.i'am scared to death if i do go out i won't get it started again.i'am trying to get it removed after 6 months.i wish you all good luck
June 03, 2013 08:28AM
To Sambo:

I am really disgusted that you would post that mess on here. Yes, there are some lifelong criminal-types who get dui's, and also try to beat the device while all the while continuing to drive heavily.

But MOST of us are just trying the best we can to get through the program and get our lives back in order. Many of us dont even drink at all. WE do not want to "beat" the system, we want to get through and survive the system.

Don't post stuff like this; you make it bad for everyone else, who do NOT have a criminal mind-set.
August 25, 2013 01:56PM
I live in Georgia and have had the Smartstart interlock for some time. I was only supposed to have for six months has now been a year and a half. (Troubles with DMV, my problem) To the people on here that boasts the "Don't drink and drive and conform." FU!!! You can not even have drinks at night with your friends if you have to start vehicle the next day. I am allowed six violations per month. None of those cost me money except the monthly calibrations. It is an entire lifestyle change. I can have two beers blow in the machine and pass. I do it for shits and giggles. However, I can not have six beers in the evening, wake up the next morning and pass. I do not condone drinking and driving as well as others on this thread, but, these machines are meant to change you. IT IS NOT THE GOVERNMENT'S JOB TO DO THAT!!!! The machines are not as high tech as they claim either. My truck was parked for four months and they tried to charge me for taking out machine. The tech had to call them and let them know that the machine was still in my truck. Not trying to be difficult, I did wrong and paid my price. These machines are pieces of shit and just another way for our government to make money. It is almost like suspending your license for not paying child support. A lot of sense that makes...
August 25, 2013 09:52PM

you can get a 2 beer buzz, and are complaining that you can't get 6 beer plastered? Check with your probation officer on what this is about. The point is to show you that the alcohol residual is stll in your system the next morning... That you aren't as sober as you think you are.
August 26, 2013 08:43AM
Every time you blow into the device it records your BAC. Its not just pass or fail. If you are blowing into the device with low levels of alcohol in your system a lot then it shows in their report. The person reading the report can conceivably think that you have an issue with being addicted to alcohol. You may not, but thats what it looks like on paper.
November 05, 2014 05:30PM
trob711 Wrote:
> I live in Georgia and have had the Smartstart
> interlock for some time. I was only supposed to
> have for six months has now been a year and a
> half. (Troubles with DMV, my problem) To the
> people on here that boasts the "Don't drink and
> drive and conform." FU!!! You can not even have
> drinks at night with your friends if you have to
> start vehicle the next day. I am allowed six
> violations per month. None of those cost me money
> except the monthly calibrations. It is an entire
> lifestyle change. I can have two beers blow in the
> machine and pass. I do it for shits and giggles.
> However, I can not have six beers in the evening,
> wake up the next morning and pass. I do not
> condone drinking and driving as well as others on
> this thread, but, these machines are meant to
> THAT!!!! The machines are not as high tech as they
> claim either. My truck was parked for four months
> and they tried to charge me for taking out
> machine. The tech had to call them and let them
> know that the machine was still in my truck. Not
> trying to be difficult, I did wrong and paid my
> price. These machines are pieces of shit and just
> another way for our government to make money. It
> is almost like suspending your license for not
> paying child support. A lot of sense that makes...

Just incase you are still alive, You are not going unnoticed with your two beer doesn't trigger a fail and not let you start the car. At least now they do not. Your BAC will register all the way down to .001, and it will record it and report it to whoever is the monitoring agency of record. Oh, just to totally piss you off trobb, they also have gps location capability. They record your BAC and where it occurred. Hmmm, lets think about this. Your monthly report to the monitoring agency shows alcohol repeatedly. Just a coincidence I guess, that it seems to almost always happen within walking distance of a bar or someplace that sales liquor. One last thing. Many states now require a camera mounted on the dash. Day or night it takes a picture every time the IID calls for a test of any kind. Damn, there goes the ingenious plan to have your buddy blow in it for you. By the way, If that shows on your report. again in most states, that's an automatic go directly to jail, do not pass go, do not collect anything but several more months with the unit in your car. The time in jail is pretty much up to how bad you pissed off the judge. Another thing you will love. That time you are in jail, you STILL have to pay the lease on the IID. Maybe last, depends on the state, but certainly not least, there are states that either are trying to pass or have passed laws that say, NO LICENSE EVER AGAIN FOR THE REMAINDER OF YOUR LIFE, if you are a multiple offender.

So Trob, is that as in Troglodyte? Go ahead and tell everyone how the Government is out to get everyone, but you are not going to put up with that. As I said in the beginning if your still alive, why not respond and we can get a good debate going.
December 12, 2013 07:33AM
I have a question.... so my husband got a dui in Alaska and got a revoked license. He got out of the military and we went back to IL. He works in TN but I stay in IL with our vehicle. In order to get his license back he has to get an interlock system. The loan for the truck is in his name, but I drive it, not him, and the insurance is in my name. He has his motorcycle ( that he got the dui on). ... since the insurance is in my name, do I need to get the interlock system in our vehicle? And with his bike he has to have a special kind of license that he isn't planning on getting until later, so how would that work? I'm extremely nervous about this because I have read a lot of bad things about it, and I've heard they have problems with the cold. Today its negative 12 degrees, what happens if it malfunctions and I cant get to work?

Thank you for your time,
December 13, 2013 06:45AM
The insurance in your name does not matter. Any vehicle reistered to him needs an interlock. Motorcycles may not be fitted for them so check on that. If he is caught driving a vehicle without an interlock in IL while on resctriction it is a felony with mandatory jailtime.
December 25, 2013 09:17AM
It would probably be best for you if you put the vehicle in your name. Then you won't need an IID in it. Of course your husband won't be able to drive it, but if he doesn't drive it anyway, no big deal.
February 27, 2014 02:42PM
Anyone who tries to tell you that the IID does not pose a hazard to everyone on the road (not only the driver) clearly has never used such a device. The manufacturers and installers tell you that the safest way to administer a retest is to pull over onto a shoulder. Most busy highways in the New York metro area do not have shoulders. If one is fortunate enough to find one just as the alarm for a rolling test goes off, I would ask IID proponents to attempt pulling over on the Long Island Expressway, at night, onto a sheet of ice 3 inches thick, during inclement weather and bring the car to a full stop in the 3 or 4 minutes they give you to blow. Then, having passed the test, proceed to pull back into heavy traffic at night, while the car fishtails on the icy shoulder. Sounds safe. Great idea. Might as well do it blindfolded too.
July 23, 2014 03:04PM
Got a Guardian IID installed yesterday and so far no problems at all. I haven't had a drop to drink in 5 months and no desire and I really don't anticipate any problems with this device. We shall see what happens.
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