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interlock without rolling retest?

interlock without rolling retest?
August 10, 2013 08:20AM
I had a DWI almost a year ago and have had a drager interlock since. I know I can depend on it to keep me from getting another dwi, and I have actually considered KEEPING it after the DMV ordered period. I really would like to find one that doesn't require a rolling retest though. I feel this is dangerous and has almost caused a couple accidents for me. Also, lets face it, it is embarrassing to have to blow on that thing every few minutes. I would like something a little more discreet. As far as I know, the market doesn't offer anything like this. They all require a rolling retest. Does anyone know of a brand/model that just locks out at ignition start and doesn't require a rolling retest? I'd love to have that installed after my DMV ordered interlock is gone.
Re: interlock without rolling retest?
August 11, 2013 06:02AM
Talk to the interlock company - or other ones. They'll know. I think you are onto something. Having a safeguarding can be a great way to avoid problems. I've wondered why there isn't an advertised nitch for this in the marketplace. ....if there isn't, then you can start it if you're looking for a business!

Even if it's not generally offered, an installer may be able/willing to hook up se so only the start is tested, and not the rest. This is the kind of product where I'd expect to make A LOT of calls before hitting the right thing. I'd expect a bunch of calls to be to non-thinking people who say "it can't be done" before I hit someone who's willing and gets the idea.

If not, at the least how about a couple hand held BAC testers, so it's at least a way to have a clue.

BTW, the NHTSA has articles on Interlock devices with advice for government on using them in the law, including effectivness (tend to stop working after off the car). They may have someone able to give you some good advice on how to do this.
Re: interlock without rolling retest?
August 12, 2013 06:46PM
I am also interested in a voluntary interlockk device just to be safe.I am curious, can you have a few drinks and still get started. At what level BAC does device prevent ignition. Can you program different levels of operation, or have that done at the time of installation.
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